Black and white Isabella family interior design apartment

I have to admit that I am a black and white person, too. In my opinion, I think that black is an elegant color, and white helps us to enlighten spaces. But now when I’m seeing this apartment, I wonder if I couldn’t choose and other tones to decorate my room, because the contrast is very strong and welcomed in a house without colors. This thing happened to Isabella and her husband, Martin. Their 85 m2 apartment from Sweden was decorated only in cool greys and Scandinavian tones until their daughter arrived and brought color in their lives.

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They chose a modern style, which transformed their home into a colorful, imaginative space that reflects the whole family’s personality. Taking into account that the apartment is not that big, they had to figure a way to avoid the lack of space for them and for their daughter who needs space for playing. So they preferred a simple furnishing, focusing on the decorations, which , in my opinion is very original.

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They wanted to bring  inside a part of nature, so they picked up a wallpaper with black trees on the hall, and the sign which stands as a hanger at the entrance is the most original idea I’ve ever seen. The living room is simple decorated, with a comfortable sofa and an original table with two hidden drawers for the child’s toys. Both kitchen and bath are  fully equipped, as well as  the child’s room which has a special playground in the corner. I’m glad to remark that the whole apartment is like a toy museum,  for both the girl and parents.{found on ikeafamilylive}.