Black and white housing complex by Holgaard Arkitekter

The black and white combination is timeless. It’s always been beautiful and elegant and it will always be and that applies to just about everything, especially interior design. This is an interior design of an industrial building located in Copenhagen. It was a project by Danish firm Holgaard Arkitekter. They were asked to redesign and refurbish this place in order to turn it into a housing complex.

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They had to build a new glass façade framed in bronze aluminum and to change the interior as well. He building which once was the A-House has then been transformed into STAY. It’s a complex that offers a couple of hundred apartments with great interior décor and beautiful views. The building also provides shops, commercial spaces but mainly service apartments.

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These are apartments that are fully furnished and attached to hotel facilities such as cleaning, laundry, breakfast and fitness center that can be rented for a day, a month or a year, depending on the client’s needs and interests.

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The new construction features a very beautiful black and white interior. I especially like it because it’s also including tones of gray and it makes you feel like in an old movie. With the renovation and refurbishment, the building now has a unique character. It’s modern but it still retains some of the old features and this gives it a unique look.