Black and white house in Singapore

A black and white house with unusual angles isn’t so unattractive as you would think. On the contrary, its shape and size help you to think to a house in another way, to see its utility differently. For example, this 12.000 square meters villa from Singapore, built by Formwerkz Architects in collaboration with design team Alan Tay and W. H. Pung is a model for this kind of house. Its three, different sizes volumes are placed to take advantage of the beautiful view, with plenty of trees and vegetation.

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In the backyard we can see an open space without decorations and vegetation, because the owners wanted a place for their luxurious cars before parking them in their own garage. In the front yard, a beautiful infinite pool decorated with young trees is the point of attraction for the entire house, a spot where you can rest and see the black reflection of the entire house in the water. The building has lots of big windows, to allow the natural light in, and also the beautiful landscape which gives color to the black and white rooms.

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It is wrapped in black granite, I suppose to make a nice  contrast with the predominately white interior. Inside, an atrium placed in the main block is the vertical piece connecting all the floors, from basement to the roof terrace. From place to place, we can remark wood, the only colored piece from the entire house. Its beautiful, shiny walls and modern lighting are modern elements which emphasize the cold steel stairs which seem to float in the house.{found on archdaily and pics by Jeremy San }.