Black and White Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

Of all the colors in the world you could choose from, sometimes the best ones are also the simplest like black and white for example. They’re not even actually colors and they’re complete opposites but they make a wonderful combo. And of all the rooms you could use them in, the bedroom should be your first choice.

Paint the walls black.

Accent black wall for bedroomView in gallery

Accent black wall for bedroom1View in gallery

Accent black wall for bedroom2View in gallery

Black is an intimidating and dramatic color and it rarely works when used on walls. However, the bedroom is the perfect place for one or more black walls. The room needs to feel private and dark. It won’t be very bright during the day no matter how big your windows are but the bedroom is for sleeping anyway and this can actually help relax you.

Small black accents on a white background.

Scandinavian bedroom with black white accents1View in gallery

Scandinavian bedroom with black white accentsView in gallery

To keep the room bright and airy, you can paint the ceiling, the walls and even the floor white. But you’ll still need a few contrasting elements. You can opt for a black floor lamp, black bedding, black and white wall art, etc.

Black lighting fixtures.

Black chandelier and nightstand lampsView in gallery

A black chandelier or lamps with black shades would make elegant additions to a bedroom with such a minimalist color palette. By associating this dark shade with elements that produce light you create a perfectly harmonious balance.

Hang black curtains.

Black curtains bedroomView in gallery

You’ll most likely want privacy in the bedroom as well as not having the sun in your face when you’re trying to sleep so black curtains would be excellent for the room. They’ll completely shield you from the sunlight and unwanted viewers.

A mix of prints and patterns.

White and black patterns bedroomView in gallery

Black bedroom patternsView in gallery

To add interesting to the room by keeping the colors simple and basic, you can include a variety of prints and patterns. You can have a rug with a geometric design or any other interesting pattern as well as artwork, bedding and other accessories featuring the same characteristics.

Make simple stripes fashionable.

Modern teenage bedroom blackView in gallery

Even though very simple and basic, stripes can look interesting if you know how to use them in your décor. Instead of painting an entire wall with stripes, how about just a portion? And maybe a striped area rug would also look nice. So crisp and clean.

Draw attention to the ceiling.

Luxury bedroom pay attent to the ceilingView in gallery

Since the color scheme is so simple, try a more unusual approach to add interesting to the room. You can try making the ceiling the center of attention by giving it a custom paint job and adding a dramatic lighting fixture.

Add gray accents.

Black bedroom accentsView in gallery

Black headboard and small chandelierView in gallery

White black and gray bedroom accentsView in gallery

To make the contrast look less striking and dramatic, try adding a few gray accents to a black and white background. You can paint the walls a light shade of gray or include gray details in the rom of a rug, a set of pillows, a duvet, etc.