Black and White Cow Hide Couch

Ever since we’ve noticed the unusual black and white pattern some cows posses we’ve tried to replicate that pattern on all sorts of things, including clothing and chocolate. Furniture is no exception so today we present you the Black and White Cow Hide Couch. Because of the association between the terms “couch” and “cow” or “cow hide” a new term has been created specifically for this piece of furniture. That term is “cowch”. The term might also be used to other describe other items as well, but let’s stick to our product.

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This fun piece of furniture features a simple design but the shape in this case is less important than the fun print. The product actually dates from the 1980s and it’s a Dutch creation. However, the simplicity of the design would rather lead us to believe that it was a modern creation.

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The dimensions of this intriguing piece of furniture are 100 cm width, 64 cm height and 190 cm depth (or 39.4’’ width, 25.2’’ height and 74.8’’ depth). As for the price, it might vary because of euro fluctuations. You can buy it for approximately $4,070.00. Because of the print, the couch would make a great addition in a modern or contemporary home where it would lighten up the living room. However, when you think about it, it would also be a great choice for the children’s room.