Black and White Contemporary Coffee Table

If you want to have a more contemporary look and feel,it is not necessary to replace all of your furniture with new contemporary furniture .With a bit more imagination and some money you turn your old living room into a contemporary and modern place .With the new black and white contemporary coffee table you can resolve the problem of seating also.

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Coffee tables are usually a decorative piece. So there are a lot of different designs when it comes to this furniture piece. People are no longer satisfied with a simple and plain design so they want more. And more usually means less, especially in this case. This beautiful coffee table has an extremely simple design. It has an oval shape, with soft curved lines and this makes it stand out.  There is also the version with an additional shelf in the middle on the table that instantly creates two additional storage shelves. You can use that space to store magazines, books or bags, whatever you feel like.

The coffee table has a beautiful shiny finish and it comes in black or white, two of the most neutral colors but also the two most common and elegant colors. This coffee table would look very nice in a modern home with a simple design. It’s beautiful and stylish and it’s easy to match it with almost any type of furniture.Available for 239$ and comes with drawers for storage.