Black and White Bathrooms by Ex.t

The bathroom is often the simplest room of the house. It’s a space designed to be functional and relaxing, serene and open. But, of course, there are numerous options when it comes to choosing a style for its interior design. Color is an important element in any design. It can completely change the atmosphere. Black and white, either combined or used as a unique color, are shades that have a classical elegance and suit beautifully any modern and contemporary décor. They are also wonderful colors to use for the bathroom interior.

Ext black white bathrooms 4

These chic bathroom interior from Ex.t explore the beauty and pure elegance of these colors. The bathrooms are entirely decorated in only these two colors. The furniture is very simple as all modern pieces are, with clean lines and simple angles. The shapes and forms used for this collection are a combination of geometric elements with straight lines and angles and delicate curved lines. By mixing them in the same décor, the result is a striking design, far from being monotonous.

Ext black white bathrooms 3

Ext black white bathrooms 1

Ext black white bathrooms 5

The black and white combination is very fashionable and often used in modern and contemporary interior designs. The two neutrals have a classical and timeless beauty and reflect a pureness that you can’t really achieve using other shades. The bold geometric forms employed here give the classical and elegant furniture and collection of accessories a modern touch that suits them perfectly. Despite the limited color palette, there are numerous combination which you can explore.