Hollywood Glamour With A Black and White Backdrop

Understated luxury is what we usually aim for when decorating our homes but the results are rarely as spectacular and perfectly put together as in the case of this apartment in Melbourne, Australia. The project, named M Residence, was completed by Studio Tate, a practice with a devotion for creating spaces with personality and being able to plan the big picture down to the smallest detail for extraordinary and memorable results.

M Residence living room sectionalView in gallery
The color palette is based on contrasts but also on harmony
M Residence living room loungeView in gallery
Brightly-colored focal points are scattered throughout the apartment

The clients wanted their home to be a fresh and at the same time glamorous and luxurious space . The designers took advantage of its orientation which offered a wonderful view of the botanical gardens and made sure to maximize the view whenever possible. They chose black and white as a central chromatic theme for the decor and they complemented with backdrop with occasional pops of color. The living area is dominated by a gorgeous sectional in a peacock blue tone which is complemented by a custom area rug with shades of gray and metallic gold detailing on the coffee tables.

M Residence roofed terraceView in gallery
The apartment has a beautiful view of the botanical gardens which is most wonderful from the balcony
M Residence kitchen island barView in gallery
The apartment has an open floor plan which links the lounge and dining areas and the kitchen
M Residence dining table
Abstract artwork is displayed in strategic spots, the idea being to introduce certain colors into the decor

The apartment is defined by a wonderful understated luxury with vintage Hollywood vibes. But the exquisite chromatic palette isn’t the only thing the designers paid attention to. They also made sure to reconfigure the space in order to maximize its functionality as a contemporary home. Initially, the apartment had an additional bedroom which was transformed now into a study. The new layout also features a larger kitchen and a more spacious master suite with a walk-in closet.

M Residence masted suite bedView in gallery
The master suite is a serene and tranquil space with a palette of colors centered around neutrals
M Residence master bedroom nightstandsView in gallery
The oversized headboard has attached side tables and sconces

There are now two dining areas. The main one features this elegant oak table complemented by vintage chairs and brass accents. An abstract painting in bright tones of red is displayed on the wall, serving as a focal point for this portion of the apartment. The second dining area is more casual and has a smoky glass table and chairs with pink seats and brass legs.

M Residence bedroom accent chairView in gallery
Vintage accent details can be seen throughout the apartment, such as this chic patterned chair
M Residence faux fur accent chairView in gallery
A beautiful play of colors and textures defines every room of the apartment

The spacious master bedroom lacks any bold and eye-catching focal points. It’s decorated with shades of black, white and gray and the occasional brass accents in the form of sconces attached to the custom headboard. A faux fur accent chair and a vintage black and white patterned armchair are strategically placed in the corners, completing the decor.

M Residence chartreuse armchairsView in gallery
Each space has its own accent colors. This is the chartreuse used in the guest room
M Residence bedroom wall artView in gallery
A series of soft pastels was used in combination with strong and vibrant color tones

For the guest bedroom the designers chose a combination of chartreuse yellow and blue and green accents with a white backdrop. Large abstract paintings add even more color to the room, creating a very vibrant and fresh ambiance.

M Residence bathroom vanity and mirrorsView in gallery
The master bathroom is decorated in tones of black and white with subtle metallic accents

This Hollywood glamour theme that we mentioned before is also a characteristic of the bathrooms where the designers used green marble with pink veining and bronze mirror frames as well as other subtle elements which create a sophisticated and at the same time casual decor.

M Residence powder room designView in gallery
The powder room has a similarly simple configuration and mirrors that help it look larger