Black and white accents, popular again

Trends come and go and we always adapt to the changes. One year neon colors might be the latest trend in interior design and the next it could all change and go back to neutrals. This year there are a few elements that should be considered when redecorating and among those we also find the black and white combination.

Black white decor swedish design2

This combo of colors is really timeless. It never really disappeared completely but now it stands out more. And we found one particular apartment that knows how to highlight the beautiful accents. Notice the casual yet still elegant décor in here. The walls are white and they serve as a blank canvas for all the decorations. The wooden flooring has a worn look and this gives it character and allows it to add even more warmth and texture to the décor.

Black white decor swedish design

Black white decor swedish design1

Black white decor swedish design3

As for the furniture, it’s been kept simple and doesn’t really stand out. This allows all the accents and accessories to become eye-catching. For example, the living area features a white sofa and an oval coffee table. They are both very simple and match the walls and flooring. But the rug has black and white stripes with an interesting pattern and the cushions also feature bold prints. These elements, in combination with the artwork displayed on the walls, create a balanced and casual atmosphere.

Black white decor swedish design4

Black white decor swedish design5

Black white decor swedish design6

Black white decor swedish design7

Black white decor swedish design8

Black white decor swedish design10

A similar combination of colors and patterns was also used in the bedroom. Here we can see that the main contrast is between white and black, in combination with a few small and more colorful accents. Here we also have graphic designs and patterns that stand out. The rest of the apartment shares similar features and the overall cohesive look is mostly given by the artwork, color palette and accent features. Even when it all seems neutral, there are small details that break the monotony.{found on Stadshem}.