Bike Furniture from recycled bike parts

Every day I stumble on new chairs design, but this time this one is awesome. Modern and eco the Bike Furniture Design is made primarily from recycled steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars, and frames.Andy Gregg has created a visual connection between stools, chairs, tables and more – the designs naturally have to use other pieces and parts in some cases. We all have lots of things we no longer use but we still keep them in the garage – just in case.




But we do not have the vision and imagination of Andy Gregg, so with just end up with a pile of junk whereas he turns them into beautiful works of art. The furniture items that he makes from used bike parts are not only functional, as you can sit on them comfortably and use them for their purpose, but they are also used for decor, for showing a modern art work and for giving a special feature to your home.So next time you want to throw something like an old bike to the garbage, you’d better think again.