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How To Choose A Big Man Recliner To Relax All Day

If you love relaxing at home after a long day, you may want to consider investing in a recliner. Not only will you be able to lay back and unwind with a book, but most recliners also come with footrests for you to stretch your legs and relax. If you’re someone that constitutes as a larger individual, however – be it in height or weight, it can be challenging to find a recliner that suits your needs. Some issues you may have encountered include the recliner being too small, having a specific weight limit, or having problems stretching your legs. 

big man recliner chair

If you’ve experienced those problems, we’re here to help! Below, we’ve rounded up 8 of the best big man recliners to get you started. These options are suited to individuals that are taller than 6″ 1 and heavier than 500 lb. Before we talk about these products, we’ll talk a little bit about what you should look for when it comes to selecting your recliner, and give a brief overview of the different types of recliners available in the market. 

How Do I Choose the Right Big Man Recliner? 

There are a couple of things that you’d need to consider when it comes to selecting the right recliner. 

Find the Right Size 

One of the most important things is ensuring that the recliner you’re purchasing is the right size. Not only should it seamlessly fit into the designated area of your living room, but the recliner should fit you comfortably as well. To be sure, it’s always a good idea to head to a store to test out the recliner. If you can’t, make sure that you’ve measured everything properly beforehand. 

Comfortable and Long-Lasting 

If you’re going to be sitting in the recliner for long periods of time, it’s good to opt for one that offers you a good amount of comfort. It should also provide adequate support, consist of the right materials, fit and finish to last you for years to come. 

What’s Your Style?

If you’re a stickler for decor, you’d want to select a recliner that fits in with the decor of your home. Recliners nowadays come in a wide variety of designs and materials so you shouldn’t have an issue selecting a recliner that suits your needs. 

Consider Additional Features

Finally, you should consider if you’d like your recliner to come with additional features. This can tie in heavily with your budget, so you’d need to consider if you’d like to go for a classic recliner or something that has more features. A classic recliner usually will allow you to recline backwards, and they typically come with a footrest for you to stretch your legs. 

Otherwise, you can pay a little more for a recliner that comes with massage features; some also come with a headrest that’ll cradle your head and neck for optimum comfort. If you’d like, you can also opt for a recliner that comes with full lumbar support or something that’ll allow you to recline completely flat – almost like you’re laying on a bed. 

What are the Different Types of Recliners? 

The Two Position Recliner 

As the name suggests, this recliner has two positions – upright or completely reclined. It’s a budget-friendly recliner that’s simple and comes with limited features. These recliners usually also have a footrest for you to layout your legs. If you choose to purchase this recliner, keep in mind that you’ll need plenty of space away from the wall. 

The Rocker Recliner 

This particular recliner is also budget-friendly, but it has a few more reclining angles than the Two Position Recliner. It’s suitable for small spaces and also comes with a rocking functionality when you’re sitting on it upright. These recliners are great for individuals that may have trouble falling asleep or if you’re a mother with a baby. 

The Power Lift Recliner 

Then, you’ve got the Power Lift Recliner that’s pricey but also one of the most versatile recliners in the market. They usually come with a variety of adjustable angles that you can choose from and have a remote control for your convenience. Some may also come with additional touches such as massage and heat features. 

The Wall Hugger Recliner

If you don’t have much space in your home, the Wall Hugger Recliner is a great choice. These require minimal space from the wall – even if you’re in a fully reclined position. 

The Powered Recliner 

Then, there’s the Powered Recliner. These are usually operated with either a remote control or buttons on the side of the recliner. They may also come with features such as UBS outlets along with massage options. Some Powered Recliners can even be adjusted to a flat position – almost like you’ve got your very own bed. 

Top Big Man Recliners

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly- Heavy Duty

big man recliner chair

This power recliner comes in two different colours to suit your needs – camel and chocolate. It’s also incredibly sturdy and comes with great functionality. You can adjust it to your preferred position with ease, and it’ll provide you with ultimate comfort. As it has an overstuffed pillow at the back of the chair, you can lay back for a comfortable experience. It also comes with a thick cushion along with an antiskid upholstery for safety. 

While you will have to assemble this power recliner on your own, it won’t take long. In fact, installation takes less than 10 minutes, and there’s a video online to guide you through the process. The recliner also comes with a remote control that’s easy to use and will allow you to adjust your recliner to your desired position. This recliner can accommodate a maximum weight of 300lbs and customers are happy with their purchase. They mentioned that it’s budget-friendly, and an all-round fantastic chair that’s easy to assemble, sturdy, and durable. 

Christopher Knight Home Gavin Faux Leather Gliding Recliner

big man recliner chair

This modern faux leather gliding recliner is exactly what you need for your home. Not only is it a fantastic companion for your living room or study room, but it’ll also provide you with much-needed relaxation after a long day. It’s able to accommodate a weight of 300 pounds and has a length of 66 inches when reclined. 

Material wise it’s made of polyurethane and assembly isn’t complicated. Customers who have purchased this particular recliner mentioned that it’s comfortable and easy to assemble. They also like how the chair can both rock and glide, is durable, and also long-lasting. 

Bonzy Home Air Leather Recliner Chair

big man recliner chair

If you’re looking for a leather recliner chair that’s supremely comfortable, this will do the trick. It comes in various colors, from brown to cream and gray to suit your needs. The frame is also made with corrosion-resistant pinewood and steel for an extra sturdy finish. The chair itself is overstuffed with padding for an ideal relaxation experience, and the high-quality air leather is both delicate, breathable and easy to maintain. 

Thanks to its overstuffed armrests and cushion, you can sit back and relax with no issues at all. To recline, all you’ve got to do is pull the side lever, and you’re good to go. It’s a great classic leather recliner that’ll fit into any home aesthetic, and the footrest will also provide you with plenty of support. This is a highly rated recliner that customers have noted as amazingly comfortable, beautiful and durable. 

ANJ Massage Recliner Chair with Heat and Vibration

big man recliner chair

If you’re looking for a recliner with some additional features, you’d want to go with this one. It comes with eight different vibration massage motors along with four custom-zone settings that you can pick from. After a long day, you can choose to massage your lumbar or soothe your leg muscles instead. Pick from a total of ten intensity levels and five massage modes. There’s even a heat setting for those that want an extra touch. 

In terms of comfort level, this recliner is incredibly comfortable thanks to the thick cushion, backrest and armrest. There are also comfortable foam cushions on the chair that’s wrapped in polyester upholstery. Assembly isn’t difficult, and the recliner also comes with a warranty in case you run into any issues. Customers love this chair and noted that it reclines easily and is comfortable when fully reclined. The seat is also wide, and the massage and vibration features are a nice touch. 

Reclining Heated Full Body Massage Chair

big man recliner chair

Another excellent recliner to look at, this particular model comes in five different colors for you to choose from. The recliner has an elegant look and is made with comfortable faux leather material that’ll rejuvenate your body, mind and soul after a long day. It’s made with a sturdy wooden frame and comes with a minimalist design that’ll fit with various home decors. 

It also comes with six massage features along with heated back support to soothe those tense, tired muscles. It also comes with a remote for your convenience, and you’re able to recline up to 120-degrees. Weight capacity wise it’s able to hold 300 pounds, and some assembly is required. Customers said the chair looks nice, is easy to put together, and comes with great options when it comes to the massage features and settings. 

Reclining Massage Chair

big man recliner chair

This reclining massage chair comes in two different colors and is an indulgent chair that’ll provide you with a luxurious experience. It comes with eight different targeted massage points and a heating system to unwind tired muscles. There’s also an extendable footrest for you to stretch out your feet, along with a plush armrest for you to rest your hands. 

For your convenience, both the massage and heating functions can also be operated with a single button on your remote. The weight capacity of this chair is 330 pounds, and there’s also an adjustable headrest to suit your needs. Customers have rated this recliner highly mentioned that it’s easy to assemble, comfortable and stated that it’s well-made. They also love the vibrating massage features and noted that both the heat and massage features are precisely what they need. 


big man recliner chair

Want to charge your devices while you’re relaxing? Go ahead and purchase this power recliner for your home. It comes with a fully padded chaise cushion that’ll provide you with a great deal of comfort and support. It’s also made with durable materials from the sturdy hardwood frames to the long-lasting steel recliner mechanism. 

What’s unique about this recliner is that it also comes with a zero-gravity mechanism that’ll reduce the stress on your legs, back and neck for superior comfort. Additionally, the chair even comes with C3 pocket coils and a plush armrest for you to relax your arms. While partial assembly is required, it’s not difficult at all. Customers mentioned that it’s of a great size for larger individuals and stated that it’s comfortable.

Parkmead Manual Wall Hugger Recliner

big man recliner chair

Finally, we’ve got this wall hugger recliner for those that don’t have much space in their home for an overly large recliner. This particular recliner comes in various colors and is crafted from a solid hardwood frame. It also comes with polyurethane foam padding and a microfiber upholstery for a comfortable and plush feel when you unwind. Want to stretch out your legs? Just kick the footrest up, and you’re good to go. 

Partial assembly is required with this recliner and to maintain it you’d need to clean it with a washcloth that’s dampened with warm water. You can also recline it in a 140-degree angle with no issues at all. Customers like this recliner and one even mentioned that it’s one of the most comfortable recliners that they’ve ever had. They also like how it’s sturdy and easy to assemble.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this article has helped you select a Big Man Recliner that suits your needs. Just because you’re a larger individual doesn’t mean that you can’t find a recliner that can accommodate your height and weight. The most important thing to remember when it comes to selecting the ideal recliner is that it should provide you with utmost comfort. After all, there’s nothing like sinking into a plush recliner after a busy day out.