Big Dig House by SsD Architects

Big dig House is prototype building located in Lexington, Massachusetts by SsD Architects .The building is unique in its type and constructed using industrial waste,  set as an example of how infrastructural throw away can be recoup and reused. The house is constructed with steel and concrete rejects, which are throw-outs of elevated part of dismantle I-93 highway.

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About 600,000 lbs throw outs are used to construct Boston’s Big Dig House. First the material was sorted out like pre-fab method, delicate spatial planning were created

These waste materials have another favorable property. These kinds of highway construction waste products are more capable of carrying load then standard material. So when it comes to construct a roof garden in a building, one can use this kind of material.

Big dig house also hosted large size Roof Garden. This kind of constructions is a great example for mankind. In future planning should be done in such a way so that building like libraries, school, other community buildings, and even private residential building will construct using infrastructure waste. Every year thousands of tons infrastructure waste heap up. Using them in this way we can save environment also.