Bicycle Wine Rack

I know biking is a very healthy habit and if you practice it you will always be fit and will travel in the city a lot easier and without polluting the air. And I know that people who go biking frequently always take a bottle of water with them in case they get thirsty. Well, I have just discovered this interesting Bicycle Wine Rack that uses your bike as a rack for wine bottles. I know for sure that it is not a good idea to combine drinking wine with biking, so I only have to guess it is made for displaying in the house, on the wall, as an improved version of this funny Bike Shelf . I guess you can store both your bike and your wine at the same time, in the same place.

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This interesting and funny wine rack is attached to your bike’s frame and is hand made. The design of this wine rack is pretty simple, as it is nothing more than a piece of leather that is afterwards cut into stripes that will be attached to the bike frame and will secure the bottle of wine perfectly. The two leather stripes have antique brass fastener that will keep the bottle of wine secure and will also adjust to three different sizes of the bottle. The vegetable-tanned leather is treated with olive oil in order to obtain that beautiful old look and the nice touch. The gadget can be bought from Etsy for $29.