Bic Pens Table Lamps, Chandeliers by Studio Empieza

Bic pens are objects that usually are used for writing. They become indispensable for jobs where you are writing most of the time. If you are a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, you will definitely have a bic pen in your pockets each time you are at work. Probably, pupils and students are those who cannot manage without bic pens.


But, can you think other uses of bic pens, except writing? Studio Empieza has some answers to this question. They thought of using bic pens for creating original objects, such as: table lamps, chandeliers .They are interesting, hand made objects, which will attract all the attention upon them.

So, if you write a lot, you can think of keeping all your bic pens. Maybe, you will be able to use it for something else, too. You can become more creative, use the colors that you want and it will be cheap too.