Go Halfsies in Your Kitchen with Bi-Colored Cabinets

Kitchens can be tough places to spot current trends. It seems like there are popular picks for each kind of style, which is not helpful when you’re trying to choose paint colors. But one particular trend will fit into your kitchen style no matter what you choose, bohemian to French country. No it’s not a white kitchen. We’re talking about bi-colored cabinets. It’s all over kitchens nowadays. Cabinets in two different colors, one on top and one on bottom. Take a look at these 10 kitchens to see what I’m talking about.

black cabinetsView in gallery

You simply can’t go wrong with the classic black and white. Painting the lower cabinets in your kitchen black will bring a chic feeling to your space, no matter what you put on top. Plus, since black and white match anything, you can easily change styles without repainting which is a huge win. (via Malcolm James Kutner)

charcoal gray cabinetsView in gallery

Charcoal gray is another gorgeous color for lower cabinets. Call it a soft black, if you want. In a family friendly home, this deep shade will make your cabinets stand out against the rest of your kitchen without being so stark and dark. (via A Beautiful Mess)

bright blue cabinetsView in gallery

You gotta love blue in any shade. This color is a little brighter than the charcoal gray and will definitely follow the nautical, minimal or family friendly vibes you’re going for. Pair with marble countertops for perfection. (via The Kitchn)

deep green cabinetsView in gallery

See that deep forest green? In a home filled with wooden accents and houseplants, this is the color you want on your kitchen cabinets. It has eclectic bohemian written all over it and you can see for yourself how well it will match all the copper kitchen accessories your counters display. (via Remodelista)

navy blue cabinetsView in gallery

Speaking of copper kitchen accessories, how about those shiny metallic pops against that deep dark navy blue? It will add more color than the black but still be sure to make your knobs and pulls pop for the eyes. (via Domaine)

bright red cabinetsView in gallery

Are you ready to get funky? Take your eyes off the bright floral wallpaper for a sec and check out those bright red glossy cabinets! I can see those paired with sleek stainless steel open shelving, can’t you? Okay, now you can go back to your floral wallpaper dreaming.

rustic wood cabinetsView in gallery

Wood cabinets are another great option for bi-colored cabinets. They certainly aid the feel of a home full of natural fibers. If you’ve got jute rugs and wood furniture, wood lower cabinets are the way to go. (via Domino)

neon green cabinetsView in gallery

Don’t be afraid to go neon if that’s the color you really love! A kitchen with bright green cabinets is certainly one that will making cooking any meal more fun. They just beg for you to have a dance party while you fix supper. (via BHG)

pink on top cabinetsView in gallery

Who says you have to have your bright cabinets on the bottom though? Feel free to install the brightest pinkest cabinets you want around the top of your kitchen. That pink is certainly the perfect touch for a bachelorette’s home. (via Malcorboy)

bleeding upward cabinetsView in gallery

While we’re thinking outside the box, check out what these people did in their kitchen! Not only are their lower cabinets dark, they took that shady color up the walls and just touched on the bottoms of the upper cabinets. If you want a way to make your kitchen feel more put together, this is it. (via The Kitchn)