Bewildering modern residence in Chicago

The Cortland Residence is a modern and imposing structure spread over an area of 7800 square feet. It impresses with its strong but simple design, its size and its elegant interior. The Cortland Residence was designed by Nicholas Clark Architects. It can be found in a dense urban area, in a neighborhood dominated by similar structures, most of them featuring a more traditional design.

Residence Chicago

Despite the imposing design and structure, the residence is actually not that huge. The architects had to find a way to offer maximum of comfort given a limited space and without being able to count on having large surfaces to work with. Still, they managed to use the space cleverly and in their favor. Moreover, the property also has huge exterior spaces that include two large courtyards. The house has three distinct levels, each with specific functions. The rooms are spacious and have large glass windows and doors that open them and give them an airy feel.

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The location is wonderful because it also offers beautiful views. The house was designed in such a way that it would take maximum advantage of these views. The rooms thus provide panoramic views of the outdoors and these become a part of the interior décor. The two courtyards are also beautiful. The main courtyard has beautiful water features that create a nice focal point and the patio is positioned next to the family room so the interior can be expanses and the two spaces can become one.