Bettina Prentice’s chic and colorful apartment

This apartment belongs to Bettina Prentice, founder and owner of Prentice Art Communications, and her husband Jamie. The couples recently hanged homes and moved into this spacious apartment where they can finally display their art collection. For them, changing homes was easy. It didn’t require a lot of stress and it was something natural.

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The couple relocated with great ease. They were anxious to finally have a spacious place to live in but they decided not to get too stressed about it. The first day after moving in there they realized that not a single box was unpacked. They were just happy to be there. However, that part needed to be done. They first unpacked the stereo and the music really put them in a great move. Everything was unpacked and in place quickly and with no unnecessary stress.

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The couple was really happy to have such a spacious new home. They loved the high ceilings and the fact they they had enough space to display everything. With a 1,800 square-foot apartment the atmosphere is very airy and relaxed. The apartment is now beautifully decorated with lots of artwork on the walls and it has an overall personalized style and original look. The décor is modern and chic, just how you would expect to be from a free-spirited couple like this one.{found on vogue}.