TVs are almost compulsory in a home these days. And you cannot just have them without the need to have a stand to put them on. So when you buy a TV set the first thing you need to do is also buy a special piece of furniture for it like a TV stand or a small bookcase that you can use as a TV stand. Here is a very simple and nice TV stand from IKEA that comes for a really good price this week, as you can purchase it for just $99 instead of $130.

Besta adal tv unit walnut effect  0088921 PE220583 S4View in gallery

Besta adal tv unit beech effect  0094026 PE231669 S4View in gallery

This stand can be used as a support for both a flat screen TV, but also for a traditional one, as it has the necessary width for that. As you can see from the photos this TV stand comes in a variety of colours – beech effect, black-brown, walnut effect and white, so you can choose the right one to match the design and colour of your living room. This piece of furniture is pretty simple but really useful, as it also has two drawers you can use for storing different things and two separate spaces below the TV that are perfect for your pocket books or your DVD collection. These two shelves offer more stability which is completed by the four short and square legs. The drawers come out smoothly and have a stopper that prevents them for coming out and keeps them in place.