The Best Tree Swings That Will Keep Your Kids Outside All Summer

Encouraging your children to spend more time outdoors in the era of gaming and technology is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Best Tree Swing

However, if you remember the fun times you had as a child playing all sorts of outdoor games or fooling around in the tree swing, you can try to share some of that enthusiasm with your child and show them that the great outdoors can provide fun times as well.

And if you liked our tree swing idea, you’ll be happy to know that today’s article focuses specifically on that.

What Is a Tree Swing?

The simplest definition of a tree swing is a seat that’s made from some kind of seating surface tied to the branches of a tree using a rope or chain.

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Now, as you can imagine, a tree swing is currently available in a lot of different constructions, with wooden boards being replaced by strong fabrics to create more comfortable seating.

While a tree swing reminds us of our childhood, back in the day, we never really thought about stuff like safety implications, the quality of the rope used, or how sturdy the planks we were sitting on actually were.

Today, as a parent, you have a whole new perspective on these things, and choosing a tree swing is not to be taken lightly.

Before picking out a tree, consider the strength of its branches. Just like you would when selecting a tree to install a hammock. You can’t just pick any tree, as it should also be one without too many obstacles around it, as it can obstruct the child’s swing and even cause some injuries as a consequence of a potential collision.

The height of the tree branch plays an important role in choosing the right swing. This will determine the height at which the swing should be placed, but when you purchase a swing with adjustable rope, that shouldn’t really be a problem. You need the seat to be low enough for the child to be able to climb comfortably in the swing, but high enough so that their feet don’t touch the ground as they’re in the position for swinging back and forth.

You can also choose to buy the components of the swing separately, make your own swing, or purchase a set that includes the seating, the rope/chain, and the other accessories and attachments needed for mounting.

In fact, we’re going to give you a couple of examples of how easy it is to make your own tree swing if you have a passion for DIY and one free hour to work on the swing.

DIY Tree Swing Ideas

Build a Wood Tree Swing

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This is one lovely tutorial made by Dave Wirth with a special guest appearance from his little boy. Dave explains what materials he used to make the swing, what tree to hang in from, and what was the thought process behind all of his decisions.

With a few supplies from Amazon and by gluing together two pieces of plywood, he was able to build a wood tree swing that his little one loves.

There’s something really personal about this tutorial that we really like (it’s probably the fact that we love seeing kids have fun with stuff their parents built).

How to Make an Old-Fashioned Tree Swing

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Lowe’s Canada has uploaded a video showing you how to make a traditional tree swing but, even more than that, they’ve also made the illustrated plans available online for free (link to plans is in the video’s description).

The tutorial shows you what board to use, how to cut it, what rope to use, how to make proper knots that will hold the weight, and what materials are needed to put everything together.

Rope Only Tree Swing

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Don’t you just love DIY tutorials that include text, images, and videos? We do, and My Happy Simple Living has made all three available for anyone to learn how to make their own tree swing.

This tutorial basically shows you how to convert an old wooden chair (even one that you purchase from a thrift shop or a garage sale) into a swing using some tools, rope, and paint. It provides more comfortable seating for the child since the chair also has a backrest.

DIY Tree Swing

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The Merry Thought has made another amazingly detailed tutorial available, showing you the step-by-step process for making an old-fashioned tree swing.

The instructions include pictures for every step, so it’s pretty easy to learn how to make the swing even if you’re not the handiest person with tools.

Using pine wood, rope, a saw, a drill, and some sand paper, you can make a simple and effective tree swing for the little ones to enjoy.

Build a Tree Swing for Two in the Backyard

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The very first thing that caught our attention when looking over this tutorial is the list of materials, with the first one “strong tree”.

Some other items that you’re going to need are a 2-by-8-inch board, some rope, a few outdoor desk screws, wood glue, and a bunch of tools (such as a level, pencil, drill, sanding block, etc.).

Oh, and if you needed more reasons to check out this tutorial, I’d say the name of the website (Built by Kids) accompanied by pictures of kids actually helping the parents make the swing is a good-enough reason.

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

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Here is another tutorial by The Merry Thought, but this time it will teach you how to make a pallet swing bed that, honestly, is making us drool just by looking at it.

Can you imagine enjoying a pleasant day outside, under the shade of a tree, swinging left and right? It’s basically like a hammock, but offering a more comfortable position.

You’re going to need pallets, some lumber, saw, screws, drill, rope, measuring tape, and cushioning (you can even use a mattress).

Best Tree Swings for your Backyard


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The first suggestion we have reviewed for you today is a tree swing that comes with the capacity to hold up to 600 pounds in weight, thanks to the strong and resilient fabric used to make it.

The frame of the swing is constructed from strong steel that goes hand-in-hand with the strong polyester fabric. The setup is completed by strong PE rope and reinforced stitching straps.

The swing has a saucer design and is fairly easy to install, as it comes with all the necessary tools and accessories needed for setup. It is UV-resistant and comes with a waterproof coating.

Yangbaga Wooden Swing Hanging Tree Swing

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Another tree swing that we love and we’re pretty sure it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike (provided their weight doesn’t exceed 300 pounds) is the Yangbaga.

It’s made from eco-friendly pinewood and comes with a design that’s reminiscent of the swings we used to play with back in the day.

It has a weatherproof construction and includes all the accessories needed to safely install it: two carabiner hooks, two fasteners that will protect the branches, and two adjustable tree straps.

SUNCITY Swing Set 2 Pack Swings Seats

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The Suncity set consists of two swings that are perfect for households with two children. Rather than using the traditional type of seat you know (which is typically a wooden plank or board), this one uses a larger disc for seating, and the rope that ties to the branch is meant to rest in between the children’s legs.

The rope is equipped with four more discs, which basically aids the children in climbing further up the rope, for some extra fun and physical exercise.

Swurfer Tree Swing Ring 3-in-1

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Another great option for parents looking to purchase a tree swing with a disc seat is this one by Swurfer. The design makes this usable in many different ways: you can hang it up high and let the children grab the seat handles, but they can also sit or stand on the disc, which is just as fun.

It can support up to 150 pounds in weight, so we’re pretty sure your child won’t have any problems using this. It comes with an adjustable rope that allows you to install this even at an 8-foot height.

Yangbaga Wooden Swing Hanging Tree Swings

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No, this isn’t the same Yangbaga swing we showed you earlier. Well, it kind of is: the previous one has a larger board to use as seating, meaning it was suitable for adults, while this one has a smaller wooden plank that makes it rather suitable for children.

Other than the difference in size, the other characteristics are pretty much the same, including the 300-pound weight limit and the different accessories that come with the package.

PELLOR Beech Wood Tree Swing Seat

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The Pellow swing is designed to support up to 220 pounds in weight, which makes it suitable for both adults and children alike. It’s made with beech wood and has a curved seat that makes it more comfortable and less slippery (therefore, less dangerous).

It has a hemp rope with adjustable length, and you also get two carabiner hooks to mount the swing from the tree or ceiling. The rope is secured using galvanized metal rings, so pretty much every piece of this puzzle is built to last.

PACEARTH Swing Seat Support

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A tree swing that can support up to 660 pounds in weight? It does sound too good to be true, and considering the fact that the average for these products is 300 pounds in the weight limit, what exactly makes this particular tree swing so special?

Well, it comes with a seat that’s made from strong and durable plastic and held on the branches by zinc-plated chains which are strong, but also rust and corrosion-resistant. The hanging straps are made from some pretty strong polyester.

Swurfer Swift – Maple Wood Disc

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With yet another Swurfer item on this list, we bring forth one more disc-style swing for children that love to take on new challenges and spend some quality time playing outside.

The seat is made from solid maple wood and has a curved shape that makes it more comfortable and less-slippery for the little one. It includes all the pieces needed for setup, including a detailed list of instructions to follow.

Giant Outdoor Platform Swing

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We absolutely adore this large platform swing, which is pretty much a combination between a bed and a hammock. Whatever it is, your kids are going to love it, not only because it’s super comfortable, but because they can literally swing back and forth while lying down.

It is made from resistant polyester fabric which is water-resistant and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It has a 700-pound weight capacity, which is pretty impressive, but it also makes sense considering the fact that the seat alone measures 65 x 34 inches.

M & M Sales Enterprises Hoopla Swing

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Here is a rather unconventional tree swing, one with an oval shape and a design you’ll not come across very often. It is designed with a heavy-duty steel swing frame, powder-coated for added corrosion resistance.

It can support up to 150 pounds because of the quality of the steel used. It includes handles on the sides to make it easier to get a good grip.

Tree Swing Sets

Ranger Wooden Swing Set

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If you want a complete swing set construction that doesn’t rely on tree branches or some other hanging structures for support, you can take a look into products such as the Swing-N-Slide PB 8360.

Designed for residential use, this is basically a structure with three swings that bring forth a combination of wood frames and metal hardware.

Each of the three swings in the set supports up to 115 pounds in weight and comes with a design that’s pretty easy to assemble. Once all the pieces are put together, the swing set measures 104 x 92 x 82 inches.

Sportspower Brighton Wood Swing Set

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Made from Scandinavian fir wood, this swing set delivers a product made from sustainable materials. It comes with three swings that have a weight limit of 110 pounds each.

When assembled, the structure measures 104.3 x 91.7 x 80 inches. It is designed for residential use and comes with two sling-style swings one a bow-style swing. All the swings have an adjustable height.

Tree Swing: Conclusion

A tree swing is a wonderful way to persuade your child to unglue themselves from the computer and spend more time outside. It is a fun activity that allows them to take a breath of fresh air as they swing back and forth from a sturdy tree branch.

If you don’t have any trees in your yard or none of them have strong branches to hand the swing from, you can always purchase sets that include the frame offering support.