The Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture

Buying outdoor furniture is a bit more tricky than in the case of indoor features and that’s because the material is extremely important. Outdoor furniture is exposed to harsh weather conditions and if you want your table and chairs to last for more than a summer, you need to be extra careful and picky.


Wood outdoor furniture best choice

Plastic furniture requires little to no maintenance. It’s resistant to moisture, doesn’t produce mildew and stands up to outdoor elements without the beed for sealants or varnish. It’s also very affordable and comes in a wide variety of colors, plus it can be made to look like other materials. Another advantage is that plastic furniture is lightweight and often stackable.


Wood outdoor furniture best choice

Aluminum furniture is also lightweight, hence easy to store and rearrange. It requires minimal care and can withstand rain, rust and moisture damage better than lots of other materials. You can use wax or mineral oil to offer it extra protection.


Wood outdoor furniture best choice

Steel is a heavy-duty material, highly durable and sturdy. Steel furniture is a great long-term investment which requires a medium amount of maintenance. It doesn’t dent or scratch easily but in case of damage you need to immediately treat the finish. You should also apply protective finish to prevent rust.

Wrought iron.

Wood outdoor furniture best choice

Sturdy and durable, wrought iron furniture is, however, somewhat vulnerable to the elements. The powder-coated finish seals out moisture and makes it more long-lasting. This type of furniture is particularly heavy and tends to look more traditional or rustic.


Wood outdoor furniture best choice

When referring to wicker furniture, we’re actually talking about the style in which it’s made and not the material used. This type of outdoor furniture is usually made of plant material such as cane and rattan and it created a comfortable, homey look. Resin wicker is much more durable than the traditional wicker material so look for that if you want long-lasting furniture. It requires minimal maintenance, it doesn’t fade, or crack and is weather-resistant.


Wood outdoor furniture best choice

Wood never goes out of style and, although it may not seem like a particularly good choice in the case of outdoor furniture, certain types can be ideal for this task. For example, teak furniture can last for generations and requires very little maintenance. Its natural oils protect it against the elements. Eucalyptus wood is also a great choice.