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The Best Desk Lamps Whether You Work From Home Or In An Office

Proper lighting is very important, especially when you’re sitting at your desk working. Insufficient lighting can put a strain on your eyes and while the monitor of your computer or laptop does provide some light, it’s not enough and it’s inconsistent. A desk lamp on the other hand would be perfect in this sort of scenario. Of course, there are lots of different types of lamps with various features, designs and styles. Today we’re having a look over some of the most practical and most well suited for a desk and you have the opportunity to check them all out and compare them so you can find the one that’s best for you.

How to choose the perfect desk lamp

When faced with lots of different options and having to choose one of them we tend to focus a lot of the aesthetics and to ignore some of the other equally important aspects. Let’s say you’re looking to buy a new lamp for your desk. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before starting the search:

How will you be using the lamp?

This may seem like an odd and general question but the answer to it can reveal a variety of little details. For example, will you need the light for reading? If so, it should give off a light that’s warm and pleasant, powerful but not too bright. If you want the lamp to reduce the strain on your eyes while using the computer, it should be subtle and inconspicuous.

How bright should it be?

This has a lot to do with the type of light bulb you put in your desk lamp but also with the lamp itself. Some models have dimmer switches or allow you to choose between various different levels of brightness. That’s very useful if you find yourself doing a variety of tasks at your desk or if you plan to use the lamp throughout the day.

Where will the lamp be placed?

Having a clear image of where you want to put your lamp can help you determine what its design should be like, the size it should have, the ideal shape for it as well as a variety of other details. It can also reveal the type of desk lamp you should get, such as one with a flexible body that lets you reposition it and direct the light as needed.

What type of power source should it have?

Most desk lamps are designed to use a wall plug which makes them very versatile. However, if your desk is not in a position where the lamp cord can reach a wall plug you should consider alternative options. In some cases it can be more practical to have a desk lamp with a USB cord. You can even get rid of cords and cables altogether and opt for a wireless lamp that either uses batteries or can be recharged from time to time.

How do you want the lamp to look?

A lot of times you don’t really know what you want until you see it. Still, you must have a general idea of the style that you prefer for your desk lamp. For instance, you might want something super sleek and modern, perhaps with a sculptural and abstract design. Maybe a more traditional lamp or one with a retro design could look lovely on your desk and make it look more welcoming. Or perhaps you prefer something really cute with an adorable design.

Do you want any extra features?

Some desk lamps these days come with a few extra features such as USB ports, dimmer switches or adjustable height. These can prove to be very practical and convenient and could help you unclutter your desk and create an ambiance that allows to focus better.

Is a desk lamp really the best choice?

This is perhaps a question you should ask yourself at the very beginning of your research. It’s easy to think that you need a desk lamp and to think that this is the best option without even considering the alternatives. Take a moment to think about it and to decide whether other lighting fixtures such as a hanging pendant lamp, a floor lamp, a wall-mounted lamp or a sconce would perhaps be better suited for your needs.

Best Desk Lamps You Can Buy Right now

1. NHDK-WR-BK Wright Architect LED Desk

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

This is your very basic architect desk lamp with a classic and very simple design. It has a flexible swing arm and it’s also equipped with a dimmable white LED light which you can control by pressing and holding the power button. The simple and classic design help it remain extremely versatile. It fits anywhere and everywhere, whether you have a contemporary home office, a traditional desk or an eclectic workspace. Furthermore, you have the option of both a weighted base and a clamp mount system.

2. Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

If you want something super sleek and simple for your contemporary desk, this cordless lamp would be a really great option. It’s small and has a very non-intrusive design but at the same time it’s very elegant and very stylish. You can control it via a touch panel incorporated into the base and you can choose between 18 different settings so you can get the perfect amount of light at any time. You can charge the lamp via a micro USB cable and it gives you 40 hours of run time. Given the size and overall design, you can even take this lovely desk lamp with your when you’re traveling so you can always work in style and have enough light no matter where you are.

3. BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

One of the issues which this quirky desk lamp address is the fact that most lamps concentrate the source of light in a singular spot which can sometimes be distracting and tiresome. With this design the light is uniformly distributed along a curves upper section which can be positioned directly over a monitor, laptop of a book. The light comes from above and is pleasant and relaxing for the eyes. Additional features include fully adjustable arm structures and ball joints, cool and warm color temperature settings and control over the brightness levels. The lamp can also automatically adjust to the ambient lighting and to provide a comfortable level of brightness throughout the day and night.

4. Koncept Equo Desk Lamp with Cool Light in Black

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

Another nice desk lamp option for minimalist workspaces is the Koncept Equo model. It has a very sleek and slender design which allows it to fit on any desk and a sculptural design which gives it an elegant allure. It gives the user the option to choose between warm and cool lighting and to adjust the brightness level by using the built-in touch strip. The lamp also has a built-in USB port for charging. It’s made of a combination of plastic and aluminum which allows it to be lightweight and it has a black finish. 

5. Artemide Tolomeo Table Lamp

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

This aluminum table lamp is a good fit for modern and eclectic spaces, featuring a slightly industrial appearance and a simple and efficient design. It has designed in 1989 by Giancarlo Fassina and Michele De Lucchi and it has passed the test of time with flying colors. It has an adjustable arm and a small lampshade which can be rotated 360 degrees in order to point the light at the desired spot and at the perfect angle. Everything is made of aluminum with different types of finishes for diversity and versatility. 

6. Humanscale Horizon Task Light

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

Simplicity is also a defining characteristic of the Humanscale Horizon lamp. The design, as you can see, is simple and sculptural which gives the lamp character and allows it to fit perfectly in modern and contemporary environments. It also helps it to be quite versatile and to fit beautifully not just on desks but also on side tables and nightstands. The lamp is made of plastic and has a round base which holds a flat and rectangular shade. The light it produces can be adjusted at seven different levels and has a soft start, allowing the eyes to adjust to the light. There’s also a special nightlight feature in case you wish to keep this as a bedside table lamp. 

7. HAITRAL Industrial Desk Lamp

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

The Haitral lamp is also very versatile, allowing you to use it as a desk lamp for your workspace, as a nightstand lamp for the bedroom or as an accent light for areas like the living room, reading nook or dining area. The design is a combination of vintage, modern and industrial details and is also very simple. At the same time this lamp can look refined and elegant, adding style and character to the space around it. The base is made of wood and the body is made of tubular metal, with an exposed light bulb at the top. It goes perfectly with an Edison light bulb.

8. TaoTronics TT-DL13B LED Desk Lamp Eye

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

This is a lamp specifically designed for desks. It’s ideal for reading because it provides light from above in a very pleasant and relaxing manner. At the same time, it creates a soothing and comfortable ambiance. You can choose between seven different brightness levels as well as five different color modes to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Do other convenient features include the built-in?USB port which you can use to charge up your phone or other devices and the flexible head with can be adjusted at the perfect angle.

9. DEEPLITE LED Desk Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

If you’re in need of a small desk lamp, something to brighten up your workspace without being in the way or standing out too much, this model seems like a lovely choice. It’s a battery-operated lamp that allows you to use it without any cords attached and to place it anywhere on your desk without limitations. It offers five different brightness levels via a dimmable touch control built into the base. The built-in USB port allows you to recharge the lamp while it’s working. Additionally, the lamp is flexible and foldable so you can compact it and take it with you when you’re traveling and also to adjust the angle whenever you’re using it.

10. Dyson Lightcycle™ desk task light

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

It’s not as small or as inconspicuous as other desk lamps, but it does offer a series of unique advantages. The Dyson Lightcycle was designed to automatically simulate the properties of natural daylight which helps it to create a comfortable work environment by reducing eye strain. This is especially noticeable when you’re reading or using your computer. The design is simple, modern and bold with strong industrial accents which also turns the lamp into an interesting decor piece. You can get it in three color options.

11. NJP Table Lamp

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

If you like the general concept behind the classic architect lamp but you’re not completely sold on the design, there are numerous interpretations which might suit you better. One example is the NJP lamp which has a more modern and sinuous allure compared to the classic model. It’s still very simple but at the same time it has a unique style and character. The flexible arm allows you to easily set the lamp position however you want to and you can also adjust the head to get the best angle. The light is dimmable and there’s also a built-in feature which lets you set the lamp to turn off automatically after 4 or 8 hours of usage.

12. Green Link LED Desk Lamp

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

A desk lamp is ideally a balanced blend between style and functionality. In order words, it needs to give you proper and sufficient lighting but also to look good at the same time. This balance is achieved in an infinite number of ways. In the case of this particular desk lamp, simplicity is the key. This is another modern interpretation of the classic architect lamp, this time with a very slender look. The Link lamp has a sturdy base made of steel and aluminum, a flexible powder-coated aluminum arm and a polycarbonate lens. There’s a switch attached to the lamp’s head which lets you choose between two levels of intensity.

13. Kurk Desk Lamp by Craig Foster

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

This cute little desk lamp was designed by Craig Foster and its name is Kurk. It’s made out of several individual parts which can be assembled together without any screws or adhesive and which can be individually recycled and reused. Also, as you can easily tell, the lamp is made of cork. It’s simple, versatile and eco-friendly and represents a sustainable alternative to many standard desk lights, plus it looks lovely and can fit in a variety of different types of spaces.

14. ‘Oo’ desk lamp by Sverre Uhnger

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

The Oo desk lamp was designed by Sverre Uhnger and its name is a reference to the two sphere sections which make up the base and the shade. They’re imagined as being parts of wooden spheres with different diameters. The lamp is made of solid wood and has a flexible and slender arm which can be easily adjusted at different heights and angles in order to set the light source in the perfect position. The lamp is thus both very elegant and stylish and very practical.

15 . Tolomeo Micro Bicolor

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

As we mentioned before, there are many different interpretations of the very classic architect lamp, each bringing unique features and design details into the mix. This particular desk lamp was designed by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina as part of the Tolomeo collection. It’s made of aluminum and steel and has a flat and circular base, a flexible arm and an adjustable shade which is available in a variety of bold and beautiful colors so you can match your desk lamp to the surrounding decor or to turn it into a quirky accent piece.

16. Tubs

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

The Tubs lamp stands out thanks to its slender and sculptural design and clean geometry. It’s a minimalist table lamp with a very stylish design. The base is small but very solid and made of black marble which gives the lamp a very elegant allure. The arm holds a linear light source which is easily adjustable. It provides soothing and soft accent lighting and can also be used as a desk lamp in a contemporary and minimalistic environment.

17. AARO Aaro Wall

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

The Aaro desk lamp will definitely not go unnoticed. It’s designed by Simon Schmitz and made of aluminum and steel, with a design that’s both minimalistic and very bold and eye-catching. It revolved around the sphere which used here as a joint and provides great flexibility and very fluid and seamless movement. There’s also a very interesting balance here between all the different components of the lamp, namely the base, the arm and the light source. This gives it a unique geometry and lots of character.

18. Serge Mouille COCOTTE

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

The Cocotte table lamp also has a very interesting geometry. It features a curved shade which appears to be way too heavy and big for the base and yet manages to be perfectly balanced and suited for this composition. The lamp was designed by 1957 by Serge Mouille and is made from aluminum, steel and brass with either a black or a white finish and a shiny white lampshade interior in both cases. It’s slender and chic and also really versatile.

19. FormagendaE.T.

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

In case you’re struggling to find space on your small desk for all the accessories and things start to look cluttered, perhaps you should consider multifunctional accessories. The E.T. is both a table lamp and a pencil holder, a combination that’s well suited for just about any type of desk or workspace. It’s small and versatile and it comes in a variety of attractive colors such as yellow, blue, magenta, grey as well as the forever stylish black and white. It’s made of aluminum and has an adjustable head which can be positioned at the desired angle depending on your needs.

20. Flamingo

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

The Flamingo desk lamp is vibrant, glamorous and minimalist at the same time. It’s designed by Nika Zupanc and is made of brass and aluminum, with a flat and circular base, a two-piece adjustable arm and a shade with a rather peculiar design which vaguely resembles a flower with four large petals gently unfolding and sheltering the bright light source at the center. This magnificent lamp is perfect for modern and contemporary office spaces as well as bedrooms and other environments.

21. Desk Lamp Is Inspired By Stick Insects

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

The Médard desk lamp has a very peculiar and distinctive look, featuring a minimalistic and sculptural design inspired by the stick insect. It maintains an abstract appearance but at the same time it has anthropomorphic features. The elongated shade positioned at an angle is clearly reminiscent of the stick insect’s head and the rest of the lamp retains a very vague look while allows to blend in just like the stick insect would, the difference here being the environment of course.

22. LED Desk Lamp with Touch Control Swing

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

The design of this desk lamp is very sinuous, gentle and highly flexible, featuring a shape reminiscent of the elegant swan. The base is sturdy and heavy and seamlessly transitions into a slender arm which holds the LED light source at the very end. The shade is blended into the body of the lamp and is slightly similar in shape to a leaf. You can adjust the arm of the lamp at any angle and at the desired height based on your needs and you can also use the touch switch to adjust the brightness in case you wish to add some ambient lighting to the space or you need bright task lighting when you’re working.

23. Magnetic Multi-Task LED Light

Magnetic Multi Task LED Light

In case you’re searching for a lamp with a more pronounced industrial look and an intentionally less refined appearance, consider this model. This is a magnetic lamp with a base which you can attach to a metallic surface such as a steel table, an industrial machine, a garage workbench or certain types of desks with metal frames. The magnetic base allows you to easily attach and remove the lamp without any tools or extra features. It’s a great multipurpose accessory and it’s also very flexible and bright, able to suit a variety of different environments and to be used for a variety of different purposes.