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The Best Circular Saw For DIY Homeowners To Complete Simple Woodworking

A circular saw is used to cut through wood, metal, and plastic. You can find this piece in any handyman’s garage if they like building things from scratch. The blade is circular (as the name says) and completely flat. If used properly, you can get perfect cuts from your circular saw.

best circular saw

Before we get into the list of best circular saws however, there are some features you should consider looming over before you make any decisions. There are a lot of yeses and nos when it comes to finding the perfect circular saw that fits your needs. Never roll with the general opinion, this is a machine that should meet your preferences.

Top 2 best circular saw picks:

Best DEWALT DWE575SB Circular Sawis one of the lightest products in its category

Best Ryobi P507 One+ Circular Saw allows you to maintain precise control over your cuts with both hands on the tool

Shopping Consideration

Cordless vs. Corded

This long debate comes into play with many appliances that you’ll come across. So, without further ado, here are the distinctions between a cordless and corded saw blade.

A cordless blade is ideal for when you are working outside or on the go where there won’t be an electrical outlet easily accessible anywhere. A cordless unit offers greater maneuverability in comparison to a corded one. In any situation, a cordless saw won’t be as strong as a corded one. If you plan on working around the house once in a blue moon, then the strength of the blade shouldn’t be your biggest priority. Cordless blades also have a tendency of having a smaller blade. This makes them lighter and easier to carry around.

A corded blade is better if you’re looking for power, consistency, and top-notch performance. Most industrial workers would run to the corded blade rather than the cordless one. Since corded models have a bigger saw in comparison, they can cut deeper and more precisely than a cordless model. Another big selling point for corded saws is that they have better shoes.

The shoe is the piece of the saw that will direct your blade along the piece you are cutting. For some people, the shoe is an extremely important factor while others don’t really bother over how strong the shoe is on their saw.

It all winds down to preference in the end. What are your priorities and what do you not really need out of your saw?

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Blade-left vs Blade-right

Blade-left or right refers to which side of the saw is exposed so you can see it. There are many heated debates on which side is better, when really it’s a choice based wholly on preference. In most cases, the winner of the debate is your dominant hand. People who are right handed will prefer to have the blade exposed on the left so they can see it. Just as well, those who are left handed would rather be able to see the blade on their right side.

This helps balance out your weight when you use your circular saw. There are some downfalls to this, such as chances for injury and the inconvenience of controls being on the other side of the machine. Once again, it’s entirely preference and what feels comfortable for you. Some right-handed people will go with a left-side blade while others would rather use a right-side blade.

Blade size

The size of the blade will help determine how strong the blade is. The larger the blade is, the deeper the cutting depth will be and the more you can get done.

In truth, most people are not going to need such a strong blade ever. Compact, battery-powered, and corded models are typically what you would see being used in a home. These models are smaller than 7 – ¼”, most probably 6 – ½”. They are harder to find than 7 – ¼” blades, so they may be a bit more expensive. They are easier to maneuver and more convenient for non-regular users of saw blades.

Blade Material

The blade material needs to be robust and long-lasting, since a circular saw isn’t something you’ll be planning on buying more than once in a long time. It’s only natural that in order to cut something tough, you’ll need something even tougher to do so. One type of material you can look for are tungsten tipped blades.

Ease of Use

A saw blade is not something you’re going to heave each day, so think about how ergonomically constructed it is. You don’t want something too heavy or lopsided that you can’t balance. The handle can be positioned on the top or the bottom of the machine. There are also different comforters on the handle that you should consider.

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Top Best Circular Saw Reviews

Best DEWALT DWE575SB Circular Saw

Best DEWALT DWE575SB Circular SawView in gallery

When it comes to power tools, DEWALT is a name that always delivers, so let’s talk about the DWE575SB circular saw for a bit. It is one of the lightest products in its category, making it easy to manipulate it and use it for various types of cuts. With only 8.8 pounds in weight, it is a compact model that makes it suitable for beginners who have yet to experiment with the right and wrong ways of holding and using a circular saw. 

It comes with a variety of features that make it one of the most purchase-worthy products in its category, starting with its efficiency in clearing sawdust as you cut, a problem that would otherwise obstruct your cutting process. The spindle lock found on this saw makes it easy to remove the blade with a single hex (as opposed to using two wrenches on saws that don’t have a spindle lock). 

best dewalt ciruclar saw

The saw operates at 15 amps, being capable of reaching up to 5,200 rpm while cutting, which makes it slower compared to some of the other models that are available for a rather similar price. Even if the number can be discouraging by comparison, putting this DEWALT saw up to the test will reveal that it’s capable of cutting through different materials, and this is why it’s best to always test a product instead of always being influenced by numbers. 

Even with its many cool features, there are a few aspects that show how DEWALT is focused on profit, such as the lack of a rip fence (which is available as a separate purchase) which is designed to help you make uniform cuts. While the DWE575SB has everything needed to be excellent, you do have to pay extra for some of the features. 

Best Ryobi P507 One+ Circular Saw

Best Ryobi P507 One+ Circular SawView in gallery

Designed mostly for the DIY enthusiast, the Ryobi P507 One+ circular saw is definitely a product to consider purchasing if you’re ever in need of cutting materials to use around the house. As an excellent product for beginners, people that like to do repairs around the house, or even those that want to turn their old nightstand into a vintage-looking flower pot stand, the Ryobi P507 One+ is an affordable tool that manages to deliver.

Weighing only five pounds, this is definitely one of the most lightweight products in its category, which makes it easy to use even if you’ve never really held a circular say before. Everything about this saw is designed to be simple to use and very user-friendly, from the blade depth to the angle adjustment. 

Top 5 Circular Saw

The left side blade orientation is something that’s bound to discourage a few people from buying it, but we can assure you that viewing cut lines even with this model becomes quite natural after the first few cuts. It’s tilting the opposite direction is actually what might cause a little bit of trouble at first. 

The Ryobi P507 One+ is quite an impressive tool overall, considering its relatively low price point that normally makes people dive head in without having too many expectations. This circular saw does manage to deliver, as long as you learn to work your way around some of the quirks of this product.

DEWALT DWE75SB vs. Ryobi P507

DEWALT DWE75SB vs. Ryobi P507

At a first glance, these two circular saws might appear to be similar, but their specification makes them suitable for different types of buyers and cutting projects. 

The DEWALT DWE75SB works at 5,200 rotations per minute, which offers 500 RPMs more compared to the Ryobi P507. This feature alone makes the DEWALT capable of cutting through materials of different thickness levels, and also offers the saw more power to handle materials such as metal. 

With eight pounds in weight (as opposed to the five pounds of the P507), the DEWALT saw is a lightweight power tool, but it is heavier compared to the Ryobi. Both of these circular saws are easy to work with, but if you’re a beginner or someone who finds it difficult to use power tools because of the weight, the Ryobi offers more compactness and ease of manipulation. 

Another very important difference between these two is the power source. The DEWALT circular saw needs a power outlet to function, which means that you’ll never have to worry about charging batteries, but it also means that the power cord is bound to get in the way while you’re working and that you’ll always be limited by the proximity to a power source. This shouldn’t be a problem when you’re using the saw in your workshop alone, but it could be a problem for remote on-site work. The Ryobi, on the other hand, uses a rechargeable battery which, sadly, has to be purchased separately. While this means spending some extra money, it also means that you’ll get to use this tool regardless of your location, and the battery is compatible with other Ryobi power tools as well. 

Overall, the DEWALT DWE75SB could be considered the better tool because of its performance, but the Ryobi P507 is an excellent choice for beginners or for DIY enthusiasts that only need a circular saw every now and then, meaning they shouldn’t invest in a very expensive or highly-performant product. 

WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2” Compact Circular Saw – WX429L

Top 5 Circular SawView in gallery

WORX provides users with a left-side blade that is extremely robust and easy to carry around. It’s ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your palm. The handle is covered with a comfortable grip-hold with an integrated safety trigger. There is considerably less strain when you move the blade through what you’re cutting, which gives you more flexibility in your projects.

It’s an easy piece to manipulate and can cut through 2” wood pieces. The blade measures 4 ½” in diameter, making it ideal for at home projects, both big and small.  This compact saw blade weighs half as much as a standard 7 ¼” circular saw.

Who Should Buy This?

This product is the right option for homeowners who like to get crafty in their free time. Perhaps not the ideal choice for commercial use, this circular saw is just compact and strong enough to satisfy a home project or hobbyist.

Best Compact Circular Saw
WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2" Compact Circular Saw
WORX WORXSAW 4-1/2" Compact Circular Saw

To top it off, this saw also comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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  • Comfortable grip-hold with integrated safety trigger
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Strong enough for home projects of all sorts


  • Handle is large and odd for some people to hold


  • Left-side blade
  • Corded-electric
  • 120 Volts
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

SKIL 5280-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

Top 5 Circular SawView in gallery

The SKIL model has a 15-AMP motor which provides 5,300-RPM. You get more speed and quicker cuts with this saw. The blade is 7 ¼”, so you’re getting the biggest blade you can have on your saw. The spindle lock allows for easier blade changes once your old one dulls or breaks, per say. This circular saw is corded, so you know you’re getting the best consistency and power level out of your machine each time you use it.

It’s a lightweight 6.95-lbs to ensure you won’t tire out quickly while using it. The dust blower on the front keeps your work surface clean and your cuts in sight to minimize the chances of mistakes and injuries.

Who Should Buy This?

This is the right choice if you’re staring down some heavy-duty projects in the near future. The large blade and secured upper handle construct a solid, durable machine that works through woods, metals, and plastics all around.

If precision and power are two of your primary criteria, then you’re looking at the right circular saw.

Best Heavy-Duty Circular Saw
SKIL 5280-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw
SKIL 5280-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

The lower guard protects from snags when you turn narrow cuts.

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  • Laser beam to direct your cut
  • Indicator light to indicate when the power saw is ready
  • Dust blower to clear out workspace
  • Guarded trigger to prevent accidental start up


  • Complications with the depth adjustment


  • Right-side blade
  • Corded-electric
  • 60 Volts
  • Warranty not specified

TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle

Top 5 Circular SawView in gallery

Variety is not something you commonly come across when it comes to standard tools. TACKLIFE defies this with their circular saw offered with 6 different blades all for your use. The laser guide in the front allows you to track and keep your cuts even and clean. This circular saw can be used to cut through wood, lighter metals, plastic, and even tiling!

The handle is metal, to ensure your hand and the machine both stay secure while you work. This TACKLIFE tool is yet another compact solution to your cutting requirements if you consider yourself a handyman at home. With the wide variety of blades to choose from, you can get cuts 1 – 11/16” deep. The blade is left-sided which allows you to carefully watch your cuttings and guarantee great precision.

Who Should Buy This?

To get the best out of all of your home projects, TACKLIFE is the way to go. You can cut through more and it’s a more transportable option in comparison to a fully sized circular saw.

Most Versatile Circular Saw
TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle
TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle

The ergonomic handle keeps you from getting tired and keeps you from tiring out easily

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  • Ergonomic handle for less fatigue and better control
  • Laser beam for precise cuts
  • 6 different blades to use


  • Metal handle makes it considerably heavy for its size


  • Left-sided blade
  • Corded-electric
  • 120 Volts
  • 2-year warranty

Milwaukee m18 2630-20 18 Volt Lithium Ion 6-1/2” 3,500 RPM Cordless Circular Saw

Top 5 Circular SawView in gallery

This is yet another full-sized circular saw made for heavier duty jobs. This model from Milwaukee features electronic brakes that stop the blade as soon as you are done, to reduce the chance of injury or unnecessary cuts. The soft grip handle provides the maximum amount of comfort while you work so you don’t tire out quickly or sprain your hand while working long hours.

The magnesium guards are positioned on both the top and bottom to ensure your blade is well secured and won’t clatter into pieces if it falls once or twice.

Who Should Buy This?

Sometimes safety is a priority. If you have kids running around the house or simply need the extra guarantee you won’t hurt yourself, then say hello to the Milwaukee circular saw. There are no trailing cords, it has magnesium guards around the blade, and your hand can remain comfortably over the blade while you work. The blade is exposed on the left side for a clear view.

Most User-Friendly Circular Saw
Milwaukee M18 2630-20 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Circular Saw
Milwaukee M18 2630-20 18 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Circular Saw

Unlike all of the options mentioned before, this model is cordless which grants you more freedom and maneuverability while you work.

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  • Comfortable, ergonomic rubber handle
  • Electronic brakes
  • Magnesium guards around the blade
  • Cordless grants more movement freedom


  • Not enough power for commercial work


  • Left-sided blade
  • Cordless
  • Lithium Ion battery required (not included)
  • 5-year warranty

BLACK+DECKER 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Laser

Top 5 Circular SawView in gallery

BLACK+DECKER is a well-known brand name in the appliance industry. This tool features a large 7 ¼” blade that can cut through wood, plastic, and metal! The motor is 13 AMPs for a more delicate and accurate touch to your workmanship.

The inclusive spindle lock allows you to make quicker and easier blade changes when a new one is needed. The laser guide in the front makes sure you get the most definitive cuts with your circular blade. The bevel and depth adjustments are easy to monitor so you get the best end results.

Who Should Buy This?

Once you’ve used a larger blade, it’s hard to get used to a smaller one. Some people need convenience and performance while sacrificing the quality of 7 ¼” blades. Not in this case! In this case, you get a lightweight and fully functional circular saw that won’t fail you.

Best Large Circular Saw Option
BLACK+DECKER 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Laser
BLACK+DECKER 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Laser

So you don’t get tired easily, this saw has a lightweight design which means you can get more done in one go!

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  • Greater accuracy
  • Inclusive spindle lock to change the blade
  • Lightweight design


  • Most user’s has to find replacement blades


  • Right-sided blade
  • Corded-electric
  • 1 Volt
  • 2-year Warranty

How to Use a Circular Saw

Using a circular saw can be intimidating if you’ve never done this before. Of course, learning how to use a circular saw could vary depending on the model of your choice, but there are a few things we can tell you about how to make a basic cut using such a power tool:

  • It’s always important to measure and mark the line that you want to cut. This will prevent improvisation along the way and give you a clear overview of the cut that you’re about to make. 
  • Using a clamp, secure the material you want to cut to the table or workstation. 
  • Read the instruction manual and attach the blade to the saw, making sure you pick the one that’s compatible with the thickness and nature of the material. 
  • Adjust the depth of the blade to ¼ inches below the material you want to cut.
  • Check the bevel angle to make sure it’s appropriate. 
  • Make sure that your circular saw is connected to a power source (be it an electrical outlet or a set of functional batteries). 
  • Place the saw shoes on the edge of the material, positioning it near the cutting line. 
  • Lift the blade guard, press the lock switch, and pull the trigger to activate the saw at full speed, but without letting the blade touch the material just yet. 
  • Make sure the saw shoe is constantly on the cutting surface and start to push the saw forward to the cutting line, making sure the trigger is still engaged. 
  • With the shoe flat, follow the scrap side of the cutting line, guiding your saw all the way through. 
  • Don’t push the saw using too much brute force, as this can strain the motor and damage it.
  • When you’ve finished making the cut, release the trigger. 

How to Choose Circular Saw Blades

There are two things that will determine the performance of a saw: the model that you choose and the blade that you opt for when making a specific cut. Choosing the right circular saw blades to cut through a piece of material is just as important as choosing the circular saw itself, so here are the characteristics that will set one blade apart from the other:

  • Teeth – The number of teeth on a circular saw blade will have a lot to say about the cuts the blade can make. When you have a saw blade with fewer teeth, you actually get faster cutting. For instance, in construction work, 24-tooth blades will usually do the trick, as they are very aggressive and accurate. However, the fast pace of the work is done in the detriment of a near-finished edge. 
  • Gullet – The space between the teeth of a circular blade is called a gullet. The depth of size of a gullet will determine the amount of waste material cleared out when the blade spins. 
  • Hook/rake angle – When the teeth of the blade come in contact with the cutting surface, that’s called a hook or rake. Positive hook angles cause climb cuts which can be pretty dangerous when you’re trying to cut through materials such as metal, simply because the cut will aggressively remove waste material at the cost of a clean cut. A negative hook, on the other hand, doesn’t make an aggressive cut, but it also doesn’t remove that much waste nor does it cut as fast. 
  • Bevel angle – The bevel angle will tell you about the angle of the teeth perpendicular or across the blade’s spin. When you’re dealing with a high bevel angle, you will be able to make smooth and clean cuts. There are certain blades that have high bevel angles, making them suitable for cutting through materials that are prone to chipping or even composite materials. 
  • Kerf – Kerf is defined as the width of the tooth at the widest point, which translates into how wide a cut is going to be. When you’re dealing with a thinner kerf, it means that the blade will produce less resistance, which makes it better in terms of power. However, thinner kerf also leads to wobbles and vibrations because of blade movement. 


How many AMPs are required for a properly functioning circular saw?

The average circular saw uses around 15 AMPs, but you can find motors with more or less powers. Some people may need something with heavier duty, while others don’t use their circular saws as much nor do they need something all-powerful.

What is the cutting depth of a circular saw?

This answer is entirely dependent on the size of the saw blade, the AMP measurement, and the degree you are holding the circular saw at. A 15 AMP, 7 ¼” blade will cut approximately 2 3/8” held at 90 degrees.

Corded vs Cordless circular saw?

For continuous home or commercial use, it’s better to go with a corded machine since this will give you consistent results. However, there are some people who’ll only pull out their saw once or twice a year, so they’ll be more comfortable with an easy to store battery-powered saw.

Final Words

There is a lot to consider when it comes to finding the perfect circular saw. Something as important as the size of the blade to tiny details like the comfort level of the handle can make huge differences on your final decision.

Once you’ve sorted out your priorities, such as the exposed side of the blade, size, corded vs cordless, you can then look for the right circular saw that suits all your requirements. If you found what you were looking for, share it in the comments below or give someone a shout out so they can get some advice on their next home appliance.