Best Christmas tree stands for 2011

Talking of Christmas trees it is not possible that every house would have its own garden and Christmas tree intact. Most of these Christmas trees are portable and kept inside the house atop a Christmas tree stand. There are a number of such Christmas trees stands available in the market and you can make your purchase depending on the size of your Christmas tree and space occupancy. You need to make the right buy because this stand is going to form the base for your Christmas tree. Given below are five of the best Christmas tree stands and you can make your buy after reviewing the same?

E.Z. H2O Christmas Tree Stand For 10 Foot Real Live Trees

The HMS Mfg Corp 206 Christmas Tree Stand comes with a twenty inches diameter base. It can hold up to one gallon of water without overflowing. The EZ fill channel enables to easily check they water levels. The color of the base is green which would normally suit all trees. The UPC code for this Christmas tree stand would be 025947002061. The United States manufactured product is distributed by HMS Mfg Corp. Available from $18+ the HMS Mfg Corp 206 Christmas Tree Stand.

H M S Mfg 24' H2o Xmas Tree Stand 208F-5 Christmas Tree Stands

The HMS 208F-5 24 inch H20 Christmas Tree Stand comes equipped with a tree nutrient pack which makes sure that there is no spillage of water on the floor from the base of the stand. The stand is specially devised to let you know the water levels easily and there would be no problem in watering the tree. The stand can hold up to 1.6 gallons of water, which means that bigger trees can be accommodated on the tree stand.  Christmas trees, which are the height of ten inches, can easily be fitted into this Christmas tree stand. It is also doubly safe and has a patented two levels of screws attached to it. More details about this product can be found at amazon from $18+.

Rotating Tree Stand

The National Tree 9137159 Revolving Christmas Tree stand is sure a true name to innovation as it can be revolved according to your needs while decorating the Christmas tree. You do not have to now restrict your decorations to one side of the tree and the tree stand can be revolved to a magnificent 360-degree wiothouty any worries as the base is made of strong steel. This one Tree stand it’s available from $26+.

Jack Post/Christmas 5164 Tree Stand

The 7’ steel tree stand is the basic model of a Christmas tree stand and would be sufficient to hold the basic Christmas tree of around seven inches. This low priced tree stand is multi colored with green and red. It has a water retaining capacity of up to one gallon. The base is around 27 inches, which is more than sufficient to hold your basic model Christmas tree. This Christmas tree stand can be got at 9$ .

EZ Artificial Christmas Tree Stand #119

The EZH20 7.5 feet artificial Christmas tree stand (1196) is best suited for artificial Christmas trees. The tree stand is specially designed to keep the artificial tree standing straight and naturally throughout the festive season. the Christmas tree stand can accommodate up to a 7.5 feet heighted tree and the base is strong enough to hold the tree. There is also a cord channel, which would conceal your power cords running through. The EZH20 7.5 feet artificial Christmas tree stand (1196) it’s available for 20$.