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Cheap And Robust Ideas For Sheltering Your Vehicle – Carport Tent

Having a garage seems like a must-have when you are a vehicle owner. Even if cars are made to withstand nature’s elements, you can significantly improve the lifespan of the car (as well as keep it in pristine shape) if you shield it from sun, rain, powerful wind, or frost. However, not everyone owns a garage and not all people have the resources or time to build one. The next best thing? A carport tent, of course!

Benefits of Having a Carport Tent

The carport tent is often an underestimated thing to have, but it can provide you with a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Garage Alternative

If you don’t own a garage, having a carport tent becomes almost mandatory for every person who is interested in protecting their vehicle. They are way cheaper compared to building a new garage, they can be set up without requiring any permits/authorizations, and they will keep the vehicle shielded against nature’s elements, including rain, sun, or hair.

  • Costs

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to costs. Not only is this solution cheaper compared to the costs of building an actual garage, but you can choose from carport tents that are budget-oriented or you can pick ones that are fancier and more expensive. You can basically spend as much as you want to spend. You have a variety of options when it comes to the materials used in the construction, as you can buy a wooden or a metal carport frame, with different types of roofs.

  • No Flooring Needed

Unlike other types of structures for shielding your car, a carport doesn’t require special flooring to be installed, which means you can literally set it up directly on the ground. A lot of people choose to place their carport directly on the pavement or on gravel.

  • Designs

Since there are so many existing options out there, you are allowed to be picky in terms of design too! You can find a carport kit that matches the current yard or home decor, which means that you can stick with the same color scheme in case you’re interested in consistency from a visual point of view. In other words, you can make it seem like the carport tent was designed as part of your house’s setup from the very start.

  • Other Shelter

A carport tent can be so much more than just a spot for you to keep your vehicle. It can also be of great help when rain spoils your barbecue plans because it can shelter a lot of people and, depending on the height and the construction of the tent, you can easily have your friends over for a BBQ underneath its roof. It’s also a great spot for hiding from the sun when you want to spend time with your family and friends outside, but the ruthless UV rays are just too dangerous.

Top 10 Best Carport Tents

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

The first item on today’s list is a carport tent that’s maybe wrongly labeled as being as a garage, although it does fulfill the same basic functions as this specific structure. It measures 10 x 20 feet and provides a great solution to cover all vehicles that could be concealed inside it.

It is made with a triple-layer ripstop polyethylene cover that’s designed to withstand nature’s elements and is also treated with antifungal and anti-aging agents in order to make the fabric even more resistant.  The sturdy frame is made entirely out of metal, giving the structure more stability. The metal has a powder-coated finish and it’s designed to prevent corrosion, rust, and peeling.

It comes with a patented stabilizer that makes sure the carport tent doesn’t lose its stability and durability. The Ratchet-Tite cover tensioning system prevents the cover from shifting position and the door panel is connected to the frame. The cover is tight thanks to the web strap components and the quality ratchet used in the construction.

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

If you’re looking for something that looks less like a tent and more like a parking shelter, this Arrow product might be just what you need. It’s a canopy that comes with a tube frame that guarantees stability even during a storm or if you live in areas where powerful wind is a common occurrence.

The roof is made from galvanized steel that’s corrosion-resistant and promises to keep your vehicles shielded for years to come. Thanks to the slip-fit frame design, the cover is oriented to provide fast assembly. It comes with self-drilling screws and pilot holes that work together to make installation a whole lot easier.

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

For areas where sun and mild rain are often the only problems that get in the way of having your car protected in clean, there is no need to invest in metal or wooden carport tents. In that case, this product is more suitable to your needs. It is a canopy designed to provide vehicle owners with peace of mind and features a construction that can be assembled in less than 2 hours.

The metal steel frame has a powder-coat finish that can withstand weather elements. It provides support for the polyethylene fabric cover which is heat-welded and completely waterproof. The cover has also been treated to be resistant to UV damage. The cover is attached to the steel frame using bungee fasteners.

The legs of the canopy are equipped with wide foot plates to ensure quick access to secure anchor points, but also to provide the frame with more overall stability.  Each of the legs is designed to support only one anchor, so keep that in mind when you assemble your new carport tent.

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

The ShelterIt carport tent is yet another product worth mentioning. It is available in four different sizes, with the smallest one measuring 96″ H x 120″ W x 144″ D and the largest one being 96″ H x 144″ W x 192″ D. But what can you expect in terms of materials and construction?

The frame is made entirely out of galvanized steel, which is one of the best choices because of its high level of durability. It comes with the same polyethylene type of fabric that we saw in previous models as well. The fabric material is properly treated to withstand elements exposure, being fully waterproof, protected against UV rays, but also shielded against dry rot and cracking.

Included in the carport kit, you will receive the hardware required for assembly, the framework and the cover, temporary ground auger anchors, wind braces, one front door entry with double zipper access, and a solid back panel.

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

If the previous ShelterLogic carport tent didn’t satisfy you and you were hoping for something bigger, then maybe you’d fancy this 13 x 20-foot option instead. It comes with a variety of good specifications, as most products by this manufacturer do.

In its construction, this tent uses the same type of cover as the model we previously talked about, which is a triple-layer ripstop polyethylene cover that’s been treated to withstand nature’s elements, including prolonged UV exposure. The alpine design frame comes with bolt-together hardware for added stability and durability, but also to make the assembly process easier.

The door rafter has also been reinforced, while the tent stays true to the ShelterLock stabilizers technology that’s meant to make the entire structure more stable. The tent also comes with a cross rail system that’s designed to lock down the cover and keep it tight the entire time.

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

Next up, we have another metal carport tent that’s designed to keep your vehicle protected by hiding it under a sturdy and well-constructed roof. Aside from the fact that you can use this as a car canopy, it’s also a great spot for shielding yourself from bad (or excessively good) weather.

It has a high-pitched roof that can easily match a variety of different yard styles. There are four hooks attached to the roof which can serve a multitude of purposes, especially if you want to hang some lights or some planters. The base of the tent has been pre-drilled to make it easier for you to secure it to the ground.

In fact, most of the parts in this carport kit have been pre-drilled and pre-punched to make the assembly process smoother. You can also opt for the additional enclosure kit that might come in handy for protecting your vehicle during the cold winter months.

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

If you want a carport tent with a generous amount of space underneath it, then maybe you should look into this 24 x 18-foot canopy and see what it has to offer. It is available in multiple roof colors, so finding one that complements your yard decor shouldn’t be that difficult.

The frame is made from metal and it was designed in such a way as to make the assembly process as easy as possible. There are 29-gauge roof panels and screws included in the carport kit, alongside self-drilling screws, ground anchors, caulk tape, and white vinyl trim. The set is designed to literally provide a roof over your car’s head.

If you want, you can also place a solar panel on top of the roof, and the fact that the manufacturer felt the need to make this selling point is proof that this is actually a feature that buyers are interested in having.

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

Fancy another Arrow carport tent because they are durable and practical and look really awesome? This is a carport canopy that provides homeowners with 12 x 20 feet of vehicle shelter by offering a roof that protects the car against most elements (since there are no walls, the car won’t be shielded against frost).

What we’re dealing with here is a metal carport with a steel frame that’s designed to be sturdy enough to resist wind speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, plus snow load of up to 35 PSF. The galvanized steel roof is a major plus, as it is designed to let rain pour to the side while your vehicle is protected.

While the carport package includes all the installation hardware, it doesn’t come with a mounting/anchoring kit. Overall, the construction of this baby is very sturdy, with 10 legs that offer support on both sides. The metal is UV and rust resistant.

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

Next up, we have yet another canopy-style carport tent with a solid metal frame and all the elements needed to provide a solid roof above your vehicle to keep it safe from sun and rain. Measuring 12 x 20 feet, the canopy is available in five different roof colors, expanding the chromatic possibilities that make it easier for you to mix and match colors with whatever yard setup you have going on there.

The frame system is designed to facilitate assembly for users, with self-drilling screws, ground anchors, butyl caulk tape, white vinyl trim, and 29-gauge roof panels and screws. The frame comes with a generous 20 years of warranty which is more than enough considering the fact that this is not an expensive kit.

Classic 14 Ft  x 20 Ft  Canopy

The last item on today’s list is yet another carport tent coming from Versatube Building Systems. It is designed to provide your vehicles with 14 x 20 feet of shelter in a wall-less design focused on the durability and stability of a metal skeleton frame. Much like the other carport tents we’ve seen from this manufacturer, you get all the package benefits as before, with everything from 29-gauge roof panels to tube frame.

The canopy is designed to ease the installation process, as it comes with pre-cut frame components and connections that are meant to ease the stress and hassle of having to put together such a mighty structure.


There are a lot of reasons why carport tents are a very wise investment for people who don’t own a garage. Actually, building a garage consumes a lot of time, a lot of resources, will bury you in paperwork to get permits, and you probably need to hire contractors to get the job done. With a carport tent, you get almost every benefit that a full-size garage can offer, but at a fraction of the cost and one tenth the hassle.