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Awesome Outdoor Designs – Our Guide On The Best Awnings For Your Home

From the inside out, your home should be your haven, the place where you find refuge, away from stress and worries. Now, you may have spent more time inside in the last few months, but that should not change how you feel about it. And how about you turn your attention more towards the outside of your home? A practical and elegant element that can transform the looks of any patio or backyard is an awning. Endless style, color and size options can make it challenging to find the right cover for your house.

 Best Awnings For Your Home

To help you improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, we prepared a selection of 14 most awesome awnings. Also, you will find a quick guide on the most important features to consider when choosing one. Read this article, to get all your homework done and know enough to make an informed decision.

How To Choose The Perfect Awning For Your Home

Finding the answers for all those questions in your mind about the perfect awning for your home is hard. Their main function is to provide shade for your outdoor spaces, like patios or decks. But what if you want to combine practicality with style or attractive design? We break down for you the most important aspects you should ponder on.


The overall look and the maintenance required for an awning vary depending on the material. The common fabrics used for awnings are polyester, cotton, canvas, mesh, acrylic, aluminum. When you want to choose a material, try to consider what kind of weather the awning has to face. Also, the style of your home matters. Aluminum covers are sturdy but rather limited in terms of colors or design. You get more versatility with the outdoor fabrics, but they ask for extra maintenance. Cotton awnings are often coated with a layer of acrylic paint for waterproofing. Vinyl is a great choice for areas with cool, more humid climate. Polyester is usually long-lasting and all-weather resistant.


There are three main options for the way an awning will work.

A stationary or fixed cover suits windows or entryways. Their permanent installation guarantees extra protection from aggressive weather conditions. Windows that have a stationary awning benefit from reduced heat, which can be a plus for your room in summer.

Retractable or roll up awnings have the benefit of flexibility. You get more control on how much shade you get and when. This is also useful during winter, if you want to enjoy more of the natural sunlight. You can opt for a manual, electric or automatic retractable awning. Some of the latest models feature sensors for sun and wind, so the canopy retracts when the weather changes. A downside for these models is that they may not withstand strong wind, heavy rain or snow too well.

Freestanding awnings are common for patios, decks or business terraces. They help segment spaces and you can even place advertisements on them. They allow you to separate the BBQ area or your chilling corner in your backyard or by the pool.


You can enjoy shade in your patio or you can use an awning to protect your house. Placed on windows and doors, they can reduce the impact of harsh weather elements. They will protect  your indoor furniture from damaging UV rays. Not to mention the benefit of reducing the heat in your house in hot days, when covering your windows. The patio awnings keep your outdoor furnishing safe from rain and UV rays, while you enjoy the fresh air.

  • SIZE

According to your chosen location, the size of your awning will vary. A large model will suit your patio, as it provides more coverage. A reduced size awning can be also considered a decorative element, above your door or window.


When choosing an awning, you need to ensure it will match the design of your home or business space. Options vary from closed/open sides, dome style covers, quarter barrel awnings etc. To be sure of what compliments your space best, get the opinion of an architect or a consultant. You can even customize the edges of your awning, so it blends in with the whole home. There are Russian point, scalloped, serpentine, or gothic style versions.


You may envision your favorite color dominating the landscape around your house. But on second thoughts, it may be better to tone that desire down a bit. The color of your awnings should match the overall look of your home, not scream for all the attention. Tip: lighter colors are better at blocking and reflecting sunlight and heat. You can also try to balance the interior and exterior of your house. Go for complementary styles and colors, to balance and create that welcoming vibe.


The angle influences the efficiency of your awning more than you can think of. Depending on the sunlight you want to get or stop, you should adjust the angle of the awning accordingly. As an example, if you have a window awning towards the east or west side, you can get optimal performance at a 65-75% drop. If your window is facing south, the angle of the sun is different, so the drop can be even 45%. The more coverage you need, the bigger the drop should be.


For extra coverage, side panels can be a feature you want your awning to have. Depending on how much sunlight you want to allow into your home, you can opt for a model with side panels. Or if you want to protect the furniture in your chilling area in the patio better, they can be useful.

Our Most Recommended Awnings For Your Home

Awnings can turn your outdoor space into a striking, practical and stylish area. Enjoy protection all year round from rain or sun while you enjoy your dinner al fresco. Keep UV rays at bay while you host a BBQ or simply drink your coffee without worrying about the raindrops. For all these purposes and more, here is our selection of awnings for home. We split them in three categories, to make your search less troublesome. You’ll find awnings for patio, for window and for door in our list. This should make your mission of finding the perfect one easier.

Patio awnings

SunSetter Motorized Woven Acrylic Retractable Standard Patio Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

The SunSetter Patio Awning adds an elegant note to your patio and increases your comfort. Shade is a button press away thanks to the remote control of this motorized awning. Silent functioning, a wide variety of colors and sizes are some convenient features. This cover can face up to 0.1 pounds of snow and wind up to 50 mph. Rust-proof, lightweight, waterproof and UV resistant, the materials used will last many seasons. The product also features 5 years of warranty, for you to enjoy comfort with no worries. The automatic awning comes with a manual override too, in case of power loss.

Luxury Series Electric Retractable Patio Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

The Luxury Series Electric Retractable Patio Awning equals top-quality materials, for top-comfort. With user-friendly features, you can control the settings, for a great outdoor experience. Rely on the high-performance aluminum frame and stainless steel for ultra resistance. This retractable awning is 100% made from fade and mildew resistant dyed acrylic. It includes a 5-year warranty, for stress-free relaxation under its cooling shade.

Polyester Retractable Standard Patio Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

The VidaXL Polyester Retractable Standard Patio Awning is a budget-friendly, shade-providing solution. Suitable for your terrace, balcony or garden, it is dirt-repellent and weather-resistant. Enjoy cool shade and quality time under this awning for many seasons to come. Thanks to the easy-to-use handle crank, retracting this cover is a breeze. This awning will cool your days and brighten up your evenings. Featuring solar-powered LEDS, this polyester canopy makes your time outdoors pleasant and cozy.

Fabric Retractable Standard Patio Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

The OutSunny Fabric Retractable Standard Patio Awning blends in perfectly in any patio. With a beautiful shade of green, this cover will protect you from the UV rays and look great. Manually retractable, this sunshade is easy to install and adjust. Attach it to a wall or above your door and forget any worry about cords or batteries. No electricity consumptions, only a quick crank of the handle and you’re done. Enjoy the shade under a UV resistant awning.

13 ft. W x 8 ft. D Polyester Retractable Standard Patio Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

For an easy to mount and safe to use sunshade, trust the OutSunny 13 x 8 ft. Polyester Retractable Awning. Define your cool patio area with this cover, available in four simple, elegant colors. With its reinforced frame and waterproof material, it provides prolongued shade and protection. Enchanting look, affordable, great performance, this awning is a fabulous choice for any home.

Maui Fabric Retractable Standard Patio Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

The Maui Fabric Retractable Standard Patio Awning will surpass your performance expectations. Suitable to withstand up to 100 pounds of snow load, this sunshade can also face wind going up to 35 mph. Made from stainless steel and UV/water-resistant acrylic, it will keep you safe, cool and cozy. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and also, you can opt for a left or right motor orientation. This defines the placement of the power cord. Automatic retraction and 5 years of warranty are the top features of this slope awning.

Window awnings

Solar Powered Retractable Standard Sunbrella Window Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

This Sol-Lux awning is more than you can imagine. The Solar Powered Retractable Window Awning is by design, meant to protect your home. It features automatic retraction and uses the solar power to function. That means less energy consumption on your bills. Water and UV resistant, this slope sunshade will keep your home cool while facing wind speeds up to 85 mph.

New Orleans Spear Woven Acrylic Standard Window Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

For almost every color or size preference, the New Orleans Spear Window Awning has an option. With up to 15 available colors and 20 sizes, you know you will find something to match your taste. Engineered to withstand heavy wind and snow loads, this sunshade will pass every test. UV and water-resistant acrylic fabrics are the key to its long-lasting performance.

Houstonian Standard Window Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

Stand out of the crowd with a Houstonian Aluminum Standard Window Awning. Appealing, resistant to harsh weather conditions, this sunshade will be a pleasant suprise. Made from structural aluminum and stainless steel hardware, it won’t bend under snow. Trust it to withstand up to 100 pounds of snow and respect the quality promise provided by the 5 year warranty.

Fabric Retractable Standard Window Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

A top-choice among window shades is the ALEKO Retractable Standard Window Awning. With 11 color options, this shade is more than just eye-pleasing. Designed to face UV, humidity and last for years, it is ready to protect your home in less than an hour. Easy installation, classy look, resistant structure, all these come at an affordable price. Stay cool, you won’t have to break your piggy bank for it.

Door awnings

Venus 4 ft. W x 3 ft. D Polycarbonate Standard Door Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

The Venus Polycarbonate Standard Door Awning is that beckoning detail you’re looking for. Add a note of elegancy and uniqueness to your home. Stylish, practical, resistant, this door awning helps you make a remarkable entrance. Keep your door protected from rain, snow or too much sun. Your guests will love it too, especially when finding shelter under it.

3 ft. W x 3 ft. D Polycarbonate Standard Door Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

Searching for long-lasting protection for your door? Choose the Ktaxon Polycarbonate Door Awning, a budget-friendly, all-weather resistant canopy. Made from high-class polycarbonate, this cover acts like a shield against heavy rain or UV. Decorative and practical, this awning features an aluminum frame, adding to its durability.

Lily Victorian 6 ft. W x 4 ft. D Plastic Standard Door Awning

Lily Victorian 6 ft  W x 4 ft  D Plastic Standard Door Awning

Who knew acrylic glass merges so elegantly with metal? For an exquisite look on your front door, choose a Lily Victorian Standard Door Awning. The frame features ornamental galvanized steel arms for support. The powder-coated aluminum ensures the durability of the profile. And the clear acrylic cover keeps harsh weather away from your door, but won’t stop you from seeing the blue sky. Easy to install, long-lasting, this Victorian awning is by far, a striking element. Make a statement from the very first step on your doorway.

Before You Go

You’ve reached the final part of your guide on patio awnings. As final tips to help you choose the best awning, remember to consider the space, the style and the materials. Find a sunshade that you like seeing, as it will be present in your patio for quite a while. Consider the weather conditions specific to your area, to pick the strongest cover. And don’t forget to measure, so you’re not taken by surprise with sunlight invading your cool spot. Finally, the comfort should not slip your mind. Automatic retraction is always a bonus, so check out the specs before deciding. Let us know in the comments where you plan to install your awning and what style fits you best. Stay cool and enjoy the shade!