Berejkovskaya – Black Apartment With Yellow Accents by Geometrix

If we are accustomed with black and white or brown and beige when it comes to Geometrix, now it is time for blue and yellow to make the rule. No matter it is a lighting device or a piece of furniture, it must be a blue or yellow shade in a generally dark environment. The entire atmosphere this combination reveals is characterized by modernity and style. Among the elements that give an elegant air to this space, there are the curtains that seem to change everything around.

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The bedroom is the perfect expression of a dream come true; the little yellow lamps and the yellow wall, which contains the TV set are the only splashes of color in a totally black environment, where the other spot of color is the blue shade provided by the ceiling. The black and white paintings on the walls seem to revive past times in a perfect contrast with the modern days.

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The yellow door gives life to the bathroom, an expression of luxury and elegance, with its glossy tiles with floral motives and very modernly equipments. Besides the most modern pieces of furniture and well-chosen decorative objects and art objects, the chandeliers surround everything in a special light, creating a pleasant, romantic atmosphere. The blue lights curtain makes us think about bright evenings and luxurious parties, but everything you can see in this space reveals elegance, style, modernity. Geometrix is definitely the right name and Berejkovskaya is the most appropriate example!