Benefits of wireless doorbell

Technology advancements have made our lives much easier. New innovated products are launched every day and affect our daily lives. One of the products that must be mentioned is a wireless doorbell. In the earlier days, a simple doorknocker was enough to intimate the house owner about the presence of an individual at the door. However, today house owners desire to install various alarm systems in their home.

Benefits of wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbells are gaining popularity as they feature an array of varied options, and owners are relived of the hassle of complicated wiring. Wireless doorbell functions through a transmitter that sends a coded signal when the outside button is pressed. There is a myriad of advantages of having a wireless doorbell in place of the wired one. Some of the main advantages are listed below –

Easy installation.

Unlike the regular doorbell which requires proper wiring and installation, wireless doorbell is very easy to install as it does not require any wiring. It can easily be installed by a five year old child. All that you need to do for installing a wireless doorbell is to connect the receiver with an appropriate power outlet and simply hang the doorbell unit outside the door. Needless to mention, but the doorbell must be hanged in a secure place in order to prevent theft of the unit. The easy installation makes wireless doorbells a popular choice among people, especially those who live in rented houses and often need to switch places.


The bell part or the receiver of a wireless doorbell is portable and can easily be switched to another location if you are shifting in the house. This is really helpful if you are spending most of your time upstairs or in a portion of your house where the doorbell sound does not reach easily. You just need to plug in the receiver in the location you desire the sound of the doorbell to ring. Moreover, some wireless doorbells even allow you to set multiple receivers and connect them to a single outdoor button.


earlier when wireless doorbells were launched, they were priced very high and could not be afforded by the common man. However, today wireless doorbells cost almost same as the wired doorbells, which make them easily affordable. A standard wireless doorbell can be purchased for as low as $20. Wireless doorbells make excellent back door bells and people are also opting for them as a second doorbell for the house.