Benefits of Adding Plants and Greenery to Your Space

Plants and greenery are common staples in many homes. Of course they can be great for decorating rooms. But there are actually a lot of other benefits to keeping plant life around your home. Houseplants can help with everything from cleaner air to noise control. Here are some of the specific benefits and how to go about adding more plant life into your space.

Health Benefits.


Because they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, plants can help to purify the air in your home. Houseplants can remove volatile organic compounds like those that come from cigarette smoke, vinyl, grocery bags, and other common household items. Studies have also shown that plants can speed recovery time for certain conditions, sharpen focus, reduce stress, and contribute to a variety of other health benefits.

Practical Benefits.


Strategically placed plants in a home or office can actually help to reduce noise. Leafy greens, in particular, can help to muffle noise and make your home a more quiet and peaceful place. A good rule of thumb if using plants for this purpose is to have about one plant for every 100 square feet of space. For those who live in apartment buildings or townhomes, this could be a particularly useful strategy.

Visual Benefits.


The most obvious benefit to having plants around your home is the visual impact. Of course flowers around your home can bring color and interest, but simpler green plants can also help a room look cleaner and more polished. They can even help you cover up blemishes on your walls or unsightly cords running along your floors.

Getting Started.


So now that you know the benefits of houseplants, here’s how to add them to your space. First, do some research to find the plants that will most easily fit into your home, regarding both size and the amount of work involved in caring for them. Certain plants need more sunlight or water than others, so you’ll have to be sure that your room gets enough natural light and you have enough time to take care of them. Clear the areas where you want to put your new plants. These spaces can include floors, counters, or shelves. Then simply head to your local nursery, and soon you’ll be reaping all the benefits of a plant-filled home.

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