Bend Desk Prototype

After a classic desk office, now I will show the next generation of office desks. The Bend Desk Prototype is a vision of the future workspace with multi-touch technology. The Bend Desk Prototype can be used also for games or can be used to display pictures and interact with it directly using multi-touch gestures and manipulation .

Bend desk prototype

It’s a very different office desk than the previous one, which was very simple and rudimentary compared to this one. It’s great for those who need to work at the computer. It also seems very comfortable and functional. I don’t have a lot of information about this piece, but the video is probably going to explain basically everything you need to know.

Still, being able to play games during work time is not a very good idea. It’s a huge distraction, not a good idea when there’s a lot of work to be done. So self discipline is going to play a big role in this case. Anyway, working at home is not as easy at it sounds. There are a lot of distractions there, like the TV, the kitchen, the bed and even the computer that you’re working at. So that’s something that you have to live with. However, it’s more comfortable, so there’s a balance between all these aspects.