Benchwright Trays

It’s already summer and it’s hot and you certainly enjoy having dinner or breakfast outside, on the porch or in the garden, some place in the open. So it would be very useful to have some wooden trays to help you carry the plates and glasses outside and back inside when dinner is over. I found these amazing -looking Benchright Trays at the Pottery Barn for a very good price and I thought I should share.

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As you can see from the picture, these wooden trays come in two sizes, small and large, and they have some very nice and useful handles that will help you carry things from one place to another without dropping them accidentally. The trays are made of distressed mango wood and have some very cool iron braced corners and handles. This makes them more resistant and also able to hold bigger weights. Just make sure you wipe it clean with a soft cloth and avoid leaving it damp and if you like it, purchase the tray for a price between $29.00 – $39.00, depending on size.