Bench Carved Out of Wood for Outdoors

I personally believe that nature has its beauty and it should not be disturbed more than it is necessary. That is why when I go to the mountains camping or hiking I try to keep the natural balance of the area and not pollute in any way. And this is also the reason why i believe that it’s more appropriate to have a wooden bench outdoors in a park or garden or forest rather than using a metal one. And if this wooden bench happens to resemble a natural wood formation then it’s brilliant and impressive.

Wood bench

This bench that was made of whole wooden trunks was not actually craved, but rather the author heated the wood and bent it so as to obtain the desired shape. The location is somewhere in Australia, but it does not matter very much since we have wood all over the planet. So if you live near the woods and have some crafting skills you could try making one of these for the back garden and you will have a place where to sit and breathe the fresh air of the morning and also a natural looking place to rest.