Belly Table Lamp

I am sure you have all seen at least once in your life a belly dancer. They are amazing because they can move their hips so well and make you dizzy. But what I noticed about these belly dancers are the curved surfaces they have. There is nothing pointy and sharp about them, but everything is round and soft. I don’t know why this Belly Table Lamp makes me think of them, but I do think the shape is similar in both cases. Look at the lamp base for a moment and you will understand what I mean. The base is curved and gentle just like the hips of a belly dancer. It is gentle and nice and draws attention, as it is coloured in a vivid shade of blue or orange or any other colour.

Belly lamp cut

The lamp shade is very simple and white and it is the opposite of the conspicuous base. There is one inline switch that allows you to operate the lamp and the overall aspect is great for either the bedroom or the living room. The lamp is the perfect size for a table lamp and can bring a nice touch to a room design, making it special and different. The lamp is made of milk glass, prized for its unique opalescent glow and you can now purchase it for $119.