Bel-Air Bed

Modern people have less and less space available in their homes and this is why they invented smaller furniture or sofas or beds that can fold during daytime. However I think the old-fashioned and traditional matrimonial beds with headboards are a lot more comfortable and practical. They offer enough space for a good night sleep and make your bedroom look like a king’s or queen’s bedroom. This Bel-Air Bed  is a luxury item, but the price is quite affordable for ordinary people. It looks large and it is large enough for two people and a bunch of pillows.

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The bed is made in silver velvet fabric and this alone is a luxury material that makes it look like coming directly from the times when kings and queens and all the rich people at their court slept in similar beds. It also has crystal nail heads and that is another detail that makes the whole picture look so great.

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The 72″ headboard is an amazing picture to see and it is the focus of attention when you enter the bedroom. Then the thick mattress draws your attention, suggesting that it is really comfortable besides good looking. The colour chosen is perfect for a bed, as it is relaxing, yet elegant and stylish. All materials used are expensive and high quality , so the bed is available for no less than $2,995.