BEKVÄM Step Stool from IKEA

Stools are very useful pieces of furniture because you can use them in many different situations. They are simple in design, but very handy and you can easily move them from one place into another, where you find it useful and convenient. But this step stool is even more than that: it is a stool that has a step. So it is not exactly a small ladder, but a tall stool. You can use it, however, as a sort of ladder when you want to get something from the top shelf or to get in some high places where you can’t reach them normally. So in these cases it is a kind of small ladder. But it is also a stool because you can sit on it. It even offers you a bonus: the step where you can rest your feet.

Bekvam step stool  0108612 PE258294 S4

I honestly use a very similar stool for helping my kids take put their shoes on. I tell my little boy to sit on it, on the top part of the stool and place his feet on the step and this way I can easily put his shoes on, as it is the perfect height for me. This stool has a nice and simple design thanks to his designer, Nike Karlsson, who also thought of all the practical features for it. For example the hand hole in the top step is very useful if you want to move the stool. If you like it, you can buy it for just $14.99.