Stylish Suggestions For Your Next Office Makeover

Each person has their own rules and preferences when it comes to the ideal work environment. Some prefer solitude and extreme simplicity while others are quite comfortable working in a more interactive environment, surrounded by people and constant noise and distractions. Then there’s also the issue related to the décor of that particular space. We often feel the need for a makeover when things aren’t just right.

Start with the little things

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Before you get carried away and plan a full office makeover, take some time to look at the little things. These are usually the elements that have the biggest impact. The lack of artwork on the walls or the wrong color choice for your desk can be details you can easily modify. The ambiance can be easily changed with a fresh coat of paint or by adding some personalized decorations on the wall.{found on lauriejoneshome}.

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A small thing which can prove to have a big impact on the overall décor and the ambiance in your office or workspace can be a pin board. It’s a simple and common accessory which also has a functional side. Check out the scalloped cork board featured on abubblylife. To make one just like it, you’ll need some cork board, craft paint, a paintbrush, spray paint and painter’s tape.

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The desk cubby you use every day may not actually look as inspiring or beautiful as you’d want it to look. There’s a simple method you can use to change its look and you can find it on makeandtell. The secret in this case is removable wallpaper. You’ll also need some primer and paint. First you should prime and paint the inside of the cubby. After that, cover the exterior with wallpaper.

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Is your mouse pad starting to look old and ugly? Perhaps it’s time for a colorful makeover. Sure, you could just get a new one but it wouldn’t be as special as this one. The supplies you’ll need for the makeover include primer, acrylic paint or spray paint in various colors and varnish. First you need to clean your old mouse pad and apply a layer of primer. Then paint it white and, when it’s dry, start creating your design using all the fun colors you’ve chosen. When you’re done, seal the design with varnish. {found on makeandtell}

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Experience tells us that people often get attached to their office chairs and have a hard time giving them up when it’s clearly time to get a new one. And, when you think about it, they’re right sometimes. If the chair is still in good condition and only looks bad, you can easily solve that issue with a quick makeover. If your chair looks anything like the one on ohohblog, this should be a fairly simple project.

Planning a full makeover

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There are also cases when simply changing a few small details wouldn’t really make much of a difference. That’s when you should start planning a full office makeover. Replace your old furniture with new one. This would be a welcomed change especially if you had pieces with contrasting styles in there just waiting to start a war. {found on settingforfour}.

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You know your home office definitely needs a makeover when all you have in there is a table which you use as a desk and an old chair. A similar situation is presented on pinklittlenotebook. The transformation of this office is definitely impressive and dramatic. The walls were painted with chic stripes, light curtains were added to the window, a shelving unit now offers space for storage and display and the desk is a lot more functional.

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The most impressive type of makeover is when you completely transform a room. For example, it’s when you turn a cold and dark basement into a bright and beautiful home office. It doesn’t have to be a very expensive project if you find most of the things you need at the thrift store. Check out the inspiring transformation featured on thriftdiving for more details and see how this basement became a chic, girly office with tons of quirky accent features.

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When the room you’re using as an office is small, you need to carefully assess the space and come up with suitable design solutions. For example, on designingontheside you can find a demonstration of how you could furniture such a space. First of all, notice that, as part of this makeover, the old desktop was replaced with a corner one in order to maximize space.

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On diypassion you can find out how this ugly and almost empty room became such a cheerful and chic office. A lot of changes had to be made involving the wall paint, the ugly old trim, the furniture and all the small details such as the light fixtures, the wall décor, area rug and everything else. This is the type of full makeover which could easily inspire us.

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The design and style you choose for your home office needs to reflect your own style as well as the type of work you do. If you prefer something elegant, chic and sophisticated, check out the transformation described on sophiasdecor. It’s full of beautiful details and features. The bay windows are a lovely touch and the desk looks exquisite in that position.

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A cluttered and messy workspace is hardly ever the right setting for someone who wants to be productive. So have a look around? Is your office bright and organized? If not you need to consider a makeover. You should focus on ways to simplify everything, to hide all the things that need to be stored and to give the space a homey feel without overwhelming it with unnecessary things. {found on justagirlandherblog}