Before&After Chocolate Shop Design

From times to times we get used with our old place and it doesn’t excite you  anymore.Than you know that is time for a change.A change that can mean many things.An overal painting, changing furniture  or simply moving things around to create a little bit different look of your surroundings.

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A way to do this and to highlight the difference even more it can be done with a Before&After  project.At least this was the choice for Ashley Hubbard and Robert Ludlow owners of the Fleurir Chocolates.

Ashley after

When a decision was made to open a retail  shop and after they found this great place used before as a modern jewelery boutique the time came for fixing it according to their business.Clearly a lot of time was spend tinking about decoration and design.Helped by a friend whith with education in this field and some experience they have managed to create an extraordinary place.

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The entire project started with an idea and some sketches.After that came a very demanding job of finding the right objects.Because they were on a thight budget they relied heavily on salvaged materials and recycled materials from different location including barns and old shops.This worked perfectly for them because they wanted to create a rustic feel, so scrap or other old materials were the perfect choice. With a beautiful lighting system and fixtures and a springy color pallete they created a charming airy place for their business.

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Also  interesting decorative objects  can be found embracing the place like the gorgeous wallpaper or  the wood wall ,giving a pleasant warm ambiance.{found on designsponge}