7 Inspiring DIY Chair Makeovers You Can Definitely Try At Home

Pretty much any old piece of furniture can be revived with a little bit of care and some DIY talent. In the case of chairs things are quite simple. Depending on their design and type, the reconditioning process can take many different forms. This also has to do with the style and look you wish to offer them and whether or not you want the change to be striking or subtle.

Before and after chair makeover

In the case of armchairs, usually the main issue is the upholstery which, at some points, starts to look old, ugly, outdated and pretty worn. The problem can be solved with some new upholstery. You can either take apart the whole chair, remove everything that doesn’t look good and replace everything with a new version or cover up the mess with some new and beautiful fabric.{found on confessionsofadiyaholic}.

Vintage stule cross stitch chair

A different and inspiring strategy be to rethink the design of the chair and, in addition to replacing the upholstery with new one, to also put an original spin to the new look. On Flamingotoes you can find a pretty great example of such a strategy would work out. Check out the cross stitch vintage look this chic chair has now.

Traditional dinin chair makeover

A traditional dining chair can be beautifully transformed using very little resources and a small budget. Basically you’d have to remove the seat and get rid of the old fabric and worn upholstery. Then choose some new fabric with an interesting pattern or color for it. The frame can be updated too using some paint. {found on brepurposed}.

Thrift store chair makeover

The before and after transformation is more striking when you also change the color palette. So consider painting the frame of the chair a new color. Perhaps a shade of yellow would suit it well if you plan on giving it a fresh and cheerful look. For the seat, you can choose a contrasting color or perhaps an interesting print. {found on craftsbycourtney}.

Turquoise chair makeover

We find the idea of using different chairs for the dining table to be really fun and interesting. Instead of having a set of matching chairs, you can try to find individual and different styles, even combine styles. To obtain a cohesive look, give all the chairs a makeover and paint their frames the same color or give them matching new upholstery or covers. Find more inspiration on boxycolonial.

Makeover a Thrift Store Chair

A chair doesn’t have to be in extremely bad shape for you to want to give it a makeover. A change a look can be a welcomed detail if you want to also change the ambiance or the décor of a room. Consider painting the chair and using tape to create an interesting geometric pattern such as featured on paperandfox.

Midcentury mod chair

If you’re aiming for a more elegant and simple look while also allowing the chair to stand out, you can check out the project featured on Fabricationpollination for some great inspiration. In this case the chair’s frame was stained a dark shade and the seat got new fabric with a simple but chic design. It looks modern and very fresh with a little bit of rustic and mid-century charm.