How To Update Your Home Décor With A Reconditioned Sofa

Nobody likes to have an old and ugly sofa in their living room when a better alternative is possible. But perhaps you don’t want to give that the old sofa. Perhaps it has great sentimental value or perhaps you have a different reason. In any case, it’s possible to recondition the sofa and make it look like new again. It can be easily done through the reupholstering process. It may sound like a very complicated thing to do but that’s not exactly true.


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If you want to change the look of your vintage sofa and make it look modern, you have several options. You could remove the old upholstery and put new one in its place, you could make covers for the seat and backrest or you could paint the sofa if the upholstery is in good condition and just needs an updated pattern or color. The transformation would be impressive in all cases. Check out fabricbliss to find out how to use paint to change the look of your sofa and head over to backonfestiveroad to learn how to cover the sofa in new fabric. If you choose to reupholster, have a look at the detailed tutorial provided on do-it-yourselfdesign.

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For now, we’ll focus on the reupholstering process and we’ll have a look at some very inspiring transformations. One of them is described on whiletheysnooze. The project starts with an old sofa with green, velvet upholstery. It has faux nail head trim which was easy to remove. Then the old upholstery was peeled off piece by piece starting with the armrests. The old pieces were labeled and used as templates for the new ones. The staple gun made everything else easy.

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Another inspiring transformation can be seen on classyclutter where you can find an old thrift store sofa that was converted into a chic and modern piece. The first step was to remove all the staples and to take out the fabric piece by piece. The pieces were used as templates for the new upholstery which was attached with staples just like the old one. The legs of the sofa were painted and this also changes the look a little bit.

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Sofas and couches that have a lot of seat cushions as well as a backrest composed of similar elements are easy to reupholster. Basically you just remove the fabric from the frame and staple new pieces instead. Then making covers for all the cushions is really easy. You can find some inspiration for such a transformation on hhandtw.

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It’s impressive how much a new color and a new type of fabric can change the look of a sofa. Of course, the design would have to be beautiful from the start. A good example is the sofa featured on sweetpickinsfurniture. It has a gracious mid century design and making it look stylish was pretty easy. The wood frame was painted white and light beige upholstery was used instead of the brownish original one.

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When reupholstering a sofa or chair, people usually choose to replace the old color with something completely different. This was also the case for the project on fourgenerationsoneroof. A sofa that used to be dark brown and gloomy got new upholstery which is patterned and features shades of green and blue. The new look is actually closer to traditional than to modern so if you want you can choose something simpler for your own transformation.

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Reupholstering a section is no different than reupholstering a sofa or a chair. Actually, you might not even have to remove the old fabric. You can just make a cover for the whole thing. Take some fabric and drape it over the sectional. Measure, mark and cut and then staple the pieces in place. You can make matching covers for the seat cushions you can introduce a new color and perhaps even a pattern for some contrast. Have a look at the project featured on tatertotsandjello before you start.