How To Recondition An Old Ottoman Or Make A New One

Ottomans, just like chairs, deserve a second chance. So when your old ottoman starts to look ugly and to feel uncomfortable, don’t throw it away. Give it a makeover instead. If you don’t have an ottoman to start with then you can build one. Either way, we’re prepared to offer you a few inspiring examples and suggestions.

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A lot of ottomans can tops that can be lifted to reveal a secret storage space. You must definitely take advantage of that. You could have the ottoman restored and turned into a furniture piece for the kids’ room. In any case, regardless of the space you plan to use it in, a great idea for restoring/ reupholstering an ottoman is offered by jillbrowning where it’s suggested to repurpose a shower curtain for the project.

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If you want to make your old ottoman look a bit more elegant, try some new leather upholstery. For the makeover you’re going to need some foam for the top and sides, batting, upholstery leather, thread and needles. You can find a description of the project on sisterswhat. Measure the sides and the top of the ottoman and cut the foam. Staple or glue it in place. Then take the batting and cover the seat, stapling it to the bottom. Then you’ll have to cut and sew the leather cover.

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Now let’s see how you can make an ottoman, in case you need one. One option is to use a wooden pallet, as suggested on asmithofalltrades. Take it apart and use a few boards to make the frame for the ottoman. Once everything is nailed in place, add batting and fabric and cover the ottoman. Don’t forget the foam if you want it to be comfortable. You can just staple everything in place.

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If you want your ottoman to be super comfy and closer to a pouf than to anything else, check out the tutorial provided on lovelyindeed. The materials needed for the project are: sturdy upholstery fabric, a sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors, a zipper and thick foam. Cut some pieces of foam and use them to form a cube. Then measure and cut the fabric and pin it to form a cover for the foam cube. Sew the pieces together and put a zipper along two of the edges.

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In case you have an old coffee table which you no longer use or need, consider the idea or turning it into a comfy ottoman. You’ll only need the frame. So take the table apart and either stain or paint the frame if needed. Add a top which you be a piece of board or anything similar. It’s then time to add the seat cushion and to upholster the ottoman. You can find more details about the project on artsychicksrule.

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Making a tufted ottoman is quite easy if you follow the instructions provided on decoratedlife. First you need to cut a piece of wood and some foam. You’ll be using an existing coffee table for the project and you’ll just add the tufted seat. Cover the wood top with contact cement and then place the foam on top. Cover with batting and then add the fabric. Use a stapler for this part. You can then add some buttons to make a tufted seat.

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Ottomans and small benches are pretty much the same thing so you should also check out oheverythinghandmade for some inspiration in case you plan a makeover. Start by removing the old fabric. If the foam is in good shape then you can keep it. Take some new fabric and cut it to the right size and shape. Fold the fabric over and secure it with staples. You can also add some fabric-covered buttons if you want.