Before and after mirror decoration for the dining room

Whenever you’re short on money or you simply refuse to pay that much for a particular object for your home, a creative idea would be to try to recreate that something in your own way, using recycled elements or items you can buy at garage sales or things like that. Here’s an example of how a simple old mirror was turned into a very chic decorative item. The mirror used for this project was not brand new but it was new for that particular home and also, it was transformed into something different do it didn’t even resemble the old piece anymore.

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The mirror was bought to be used in the dining room. The owner of this house used to have an old Victorian mirror in the old home and wanted to recreate that image but with something new and fresh. The objective of this project was to come up with something simple and bold, something new and unique that would integrate naturally into the décor and that would make a great decoration.

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The mirror was first of all painted black with some golden tones. It wasn’t new so it was no use to make it seem new so instead an antique-chic look was chosen for it.

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The frame was then sprayed in a gold/copper tone. When the paint was dry the frame also got a layer of black gloss latex. When that too was dry light green paint was used for the crevices of the frame. At the end some sandpaper was used to rough up the edges for a more authentic look. Now the mirror is a beautiful ornament for the dining room and it sits above the mantel.{found on inmyownstyle}