Before and After: Mid- Century Modern Changes

Time passes and things change. It is an irreversible process that unfortunately we cannot stop it. Usually things get out of fashion or get a degradation shape. Instead people grow up or get old. In order to keep up with the new tendencies we need to make all sorts of changes in our life or home. The degraded things need to be replaced or maybe they can be reconditioned. Unfortunately for us people there are no ways to replace our components. Perhaps we may try some ways of repairing things.

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The same thing happened to Guy and Jennifer Genis. Their Sherman Oaks, CA home got a real nice makeover. The designer Bryan Wark helped them get the original modern mid-century design for their interiors. For example their mid-century fixer upper that was encased in mahogany paneling and gold veined mirrors got a new modern look. It became white and the divider with the gold veined mirrors was replaced by a side table with cabinets and two huge lamps. The mahogany paneling disappeared and everything became white contrasted by a red-yellow painting.

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Symmetry and contrast were used all over the place. The black and white huge lamps used or the white and dark brown side table are just two examples. The fireplace remains the focal point of the living room although there are other attractive items around it.

The whole place became airy, warm and modern. It is a perfect place for a beautiful and loving family where everything expresses comfort, warm and fine taste.{found on sunset}.