Before and After Master Bedroom

Sometimes when we buy an already built house we have the unpleasant surprise to find some old rooms or rooms designed with a lack of taste. This is the problem that the folks at Fixing It Fancy had to manage when they moved into their new house from Hudson, Wisconsin. Their luck is that they were specialist into the domain so they were able to transform a questionable design into a modern classy one.

Elegant bedroom beforeView in gallery

One of the rooms which benefit from their renovation was the bedroom. The original bedroom was designed in the 70’s style, with wood paneled walls kept in their natural state. The old design made you feel a little claustrophobic. There wasn’t enough light in the room and the ceiling looked too low.

Elegant bedroom afterView in gallery

The modifications that the designers made were incredible. They renounced at the wood paneled walls, keeping only a part from the ceiling. They painted the remained panels in white, which gave a lighter impression. Then, for creating a more airy impression they painted the walls in pastel blue.

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Elegant bedroom after2View in gallery

This combination of white and pastels always give a great impression and makes you feel comfortable. To enlarge the bedroom’s space and to create some storage space, the designers torn the wall to the next room. They made this to create a walk-in closet. If you look at the before and after pictures you will be surprised to see actually two different rooms. The new one is way better than the old one and is suitable for the modern living.{found on apartmenttherapy}.