Before and After: From a Common Wastebasket to a Nice Gold Storage Bin

It is said that clothing is very important for any person. For the first impression and the idea of imposing a certain image is very true. Imagine the people’s reactions when you come to an interview and you appear dressed with blue jeans and a pullover or wearing a suit.

From a Common Wastebasket to a Nice Gold Storage BinView in gallery

The reactions will be totally different for these two situations. It is important to associate the event with the way you dress up and make the right choices. Even if the content is the most important of all sometimes the exterior packing is the one that is eye catching. The exterior look will always make a person or a thing look differently.

The same thing happened to the next DIY project. A common black wastebasket was transformed into a nice gold storage bin. A mesh trash can and a can of gold spray paint were the main materials used for this transformation.

The result is gorgeous and you cannot use this storage bin for garbage as it looks so precious and nice. You may use it for storing your wrapping paper or other things that can fit here. It will also change the image of the interior where it is placed as it will become an attractive item that will make the place look nicer.{found on mergmag}