How To Give Your Craft Room A Makeover To Make It More Fun

Outdated decors tend to make us feel less cheerful and to diminish the positive attitude inside it. Such an atmosphere is definitely not productive or pleasant, especially in the case of a craft room. So, if you’ve grown tired of the way your craft room looks like, maybe it’s time for a makeover. Let these following projects inspire you.

Old room turned into a colorful craft roomView in gallery

Old room turned into a colorful craft room- AfterView in gallery

You can make a lot of interesting changes to a room that would otherwise look boring and outdated. For example, the wood paneling on these walls is definitely more attractive in the after picture where black and white stripes draw attention to it. The new window treatments give the room a really cozy feel while the colorful and eclectic furniture sends a positive and cheerful message.{found on olderandwisor}.

Creative green studio makeoverView in gallery

You can change the ambiance in a room by simply adding some color to the décor. For example, the transformation described on Liagriffith shows how a little bit of color can make a huge difference. So consider giving your old furniture a makeover, painting the walls a different shade or adding a few accessories and decorations. Such a change can be very refreshing.

Office craft room decorView in gallery

Your craft room or home office could also use some new organization techniques. Clean up the room and put everything in order to change the ambiance. Get some new furniture. For example, a simple bookcase could become the new focal point of the room. Use it to store everything neatly in labeled containers. A few open shelves would be perfect for smaller things. And don’t forget the little details that make the room feel cozy and inviting. {found on twotwentyone}.

office and craft room before renovationView in gallery

office and craft room after renovationView in gallery

It’s hard to picture a craft room inside a basement when the space is empty and cold. But with a little bit of creativity and the right materials and colors you can do wonders. Check out Heartsandharts for an inspiring transformation. The area rug, the wall décor, the chalkboard and all the other features all contribute to a whole new look. The space looks entirely different and the whole transformation was a budget-friendly and relatively simple project.