How To Revive An Old Sofa: Inspiring Makeovers

A great piece of furniture can last for generations. But, even so, it requires maintenance and even a makeover every once in a while. A piece such as a sofa can be transformed and the makeover doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Treat this as any other DIY project and use the following before and after examples as inspiration.

Old sofa makeover

An old sofa that looks dull, unaesthetic and is basically outdated from every point of view can be revived through a relatively simple process. The main idea is to remove the old fabric and upholstery and to replace it with new one. Perhaps something simpler and more neutral would be a better choice.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Inspiring sofa makeover

The transformation of the sofa featured on Missmustardseed is not only simple but also really inspiring. Several details make this project unique. For example, the frame was lightly distressed using a fine sanding sponge and this gives the sofa a really beautiful and rustic look while also keeping the design casual.

Costal living sofa makeover

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time and resources transforming an old piece of furniture when there are better alternatives. Ideally, the whole makeover would be a no-sew project which required minimal investment and effort. It’s exactly what the project featured on Abeachcottage offers. Check out the full description to find out more about how you can adapt the project to your own needs.

Grey sofa makeover with buttons

There’s no need to change the whole design of a sofa or to give it completely new upholstery in order to offer it a fresh new look. There are plenty of simpler ways in which you can achieve this goal. For example, add some cute fabric-covered buttons. You can find a nice tutorial on how to make them on Paisleywallpaperblog.

Add a touch of color for the legs of sofa

Sometimes the small details can make a big difference. For example, consider replacing the feet on your sofa with new ones or simply paint the old ones. First you give them a good sanding and then you paint them using a bold color such as pink in this case.{found on mrhandsomeface}.

DIY sectional sofa cover

All the transformations described here can also be adapted for sectionals as well as for a lot of other pieces of furniture. And if you don’t want to go through all the pain or removing the old upholstery and replacing it with new one, consider simply making slip covers. You can even have several of these and replace them whenever you need to wash them or when you want to change the décor in the room.{found on thesprucetownhouse}.

Full sofa makeover

When you have a beautiful antique sofa with a gorgeous and detailed design, it’s hard to say goodbye to it and to replace it with something else. But you don’t have to because there’s an alternative: reconditioning the sofa. Check out rebekahgough for an example of how this whole project can be done right.

Bright sofa makeover

A similar transformation is described on Designsponge. The elegant sofa featured here got a completely new look and went from being outdated and really ugly to being eye-catching and with a fresh and dynamic design. The new look is bold and, as you can imagine, selecting the right fabric was a long and difficult process.