Before and After: A Sewing Cabinet Transformed into A Storage Unit

Many years ago in every house you could see a sewing machine .Women knew to use it and the moment their daughter was getting marry it became on of the things that she could receive as dowry. I saw such sewing machine in my grandmother’s house and after a couple of years I saw it in my aunt’s house, one of her daughters.

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My mother has a sewing machine too. Unfortunately I was not so interested to learn something about sewing and the sewing machine is still in my mother’s house. She still uses it although is very old. The way she took care of it is shown by its almost new aspect.Julie Kim of Plic Design uses a sewing cabinet for a great before and after project.

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She bought a mid-century sewing cabinet for $35 half off at a local Salvation Army and transformed it into a very useful storage unit for one of the local bakeries. Although the sewing cabinet suffered some changes, Julie Kim tried to keep its “bone structure”. The materials she used for all these changes allowed her to keep the old and new appearance of this piece of furniture. For its new design Julie used a slender iron frame, new birch plywood drawers, a surface for a see-thru glass piece and new birch legs. All these changes were made so that she could get a new counter for Proof Bakery and give the old sewing cabinet a new use and a longer life.Thus she recycled a piece of furniture which still could be used and saved it from its “death”.