Dining Room Transformations Bring Style Back Into Focus

Makeovers and interior design updates are always rewarding. The changes don’t have to dramatic in order to impress. The goals differ with each space and each person. When updating a dining room, for example, one might want to focus on the colors and the aesthetics overall while someone else might want to increase the comfort level and to give the room a more inviting and pleasant feel.


In the before pictures this dining room didn’t really look or feel spacious even though it wasn’t exactly tiny. It just didn’t have the right structure. The after version is a lot brighter and more airy, even though the table is a lot bigger and there’s more furniture overall. The old brass chandelier was replaced with a new one and the large plant was moved from the corner. The cabinet was painted white and the walls were painted a warm shade of gray with a white trim.{found on dumpedanddiscovered}.

Dining room makeover design
In the case of the dining room featured on saffronavenue the layout remained the same but the color palette changed. The previously brown/ dark beige accent wall became dark gray which, in contrast with the white ceiling and the white walls sets a crisp and modern look. The old cabinet was replaced with a minimalist white bookcase with square cubbies and the rectangular table and classical chairs were removed and a smaller, round table with matching chairs took their place.

Before and after kitchen dining room
The best way to make a space brighter is by using as much white as possible. Check out dearlillieblog for an example of how such a transformation would work. This is a kitchen, dining and living space combo. The dining area didn’t even exist in the before version of the space. In was added in the small space between the open kitchen and the lounge area and it looks really cozy. The white walls, white furniture and breezy curtains contrast with the wood ceiling beams in a lovely way.

Clean dining room makeover
Sometimes you can make a room look completely different without really changing a lot of things. If you analyze the transformation featured on ishouldbemoppingthefloor you’ll see that the furniture remained the same. The two cabinets were placed side by side and moved to the right and this opened up the space, letting more light in. the old curtain was taken down and two new and simpler ones were installed, framing the large window. A soft and bright shade of yellow was used on the walls, the left one also getting some chic stripes. The chairs were preserved as well but they got covers that match the walls.


Another design strategy can be to leave everything in the room as it is except for the walls. Simply changing the color of the walls would barely enough to also change the décor and ambiance so you might want to try something different and a bit more complex. Check out the board and batten wall tips on athomewiththebarkers for some inspiration.

Dining room before and after renovation
When you’re starting with an empty room you can theoretically make it look however you want. It’s like having a blank canvas which you can paint however you want. Check out graceandgoodeats for an idea of how such a transformation would work. After painting the walls with white and gray, a pair of open shelves were installed on one of the walls and a mirror on the other. The chandelier remained the same. Then a table and some old (and restored) chairs were added and that was all.

Modern before and after dining room renovation
The transformation on pinklittlenotebook is a bit more dramatic although not particularly difficult. The carpet was removed to expose the wooden floor, the walls were painted gray, the ceiling became white and a black and white area with a geometric design was added as well. A more modern chandelier became an eye-catching accessory and a simple wood table with matching chairs filled the room.