Before and After: Heejoo’s Expanded and Renovated Kitchen

Sometimes creativity and a little bit of imagination can do miracles for certain places or things. They can help us get new decorated spaces, transform a dull and dark place into a bright and attractive one or even recycle things and create some other new practical and useful items for our home.

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Heejoo’s Northeast Seattle home suffered a lot of modifications and the major part of them was related to the kitchen. This particular space was expanded and renovated in order to get a new and modern kitchen, more bright and attractive for the whole family. Thus a partial second story was added so that a new formal entry and a L-shaped open floor plan were created for this kitchen.200 square feet were added to the existing floor plan, IKEA boxes were used for cabinets with high gloss IKEA cabinet doors around the perimeter and semi-handmade custom walnut doors on the island. Cabinet halogen lighting was used for perimeter cabinets while IKEA door dampers were used for self closing. White dominates the whole space, only the island lights add a little bit of fresh green accents.

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There were added a lot of things like a prep sink for kids, two skylights, a large window with horizontal sliders, a glass French door, small windows above the cabinets, new Caesarstone quartz counter tops, hardwood flooring and a chalk board paint for kids. The result of all these transformation was a beautiful and modern kitchen which inspires freshness and pleasant moments that can be spend here.{found on thekitchn}.