Bee Inspired – How To Use Yellow And Black Together In Your Home

Some bold colors are best avoided too close to one another in home design, particularly in smaller rooms, because clashes they cause can be unappealing. Nevertheless, the bold contrast created by black and yellow is one that can give a lift to a room’s décor. Because yellow and black are found together in nature, they seem to be easier on the eye than other strident color combinations.

Yellow living room

Bees and wasps have a bold coloring that you can use in your home’s wall coverings, upholstery and floor treatments. Don’t use them in exact 50-50 splits, since the idea can become a bit predictable. Instead favour one or the other. Use them in combinations of stripes, zig zags and blocks, for the best results. And, if you want to add a little glamour, try a touch or two of gold, too.

Creating Contrast.

Yellow black symetry

Many rooms get a lift from the addition of yellow and black. For a bedroom that is predominantly white, or at least neutral, add some black lamps shades and pillow covers. Set the look off with canary yellow cushions and vases. Another great use of yellow is to go a tone or two lower and paint the room’s walls in that shade.

Yellow black bedroom

Nursery bedroom

Black yellow room

This works well if you have an off-black dark hard wood flooring laminate in the same room and black leather upholstery. Pick out details in white. For another contrasting look, opt for stripy lamps or a ceiling set off against yellow cabinets with coordinating linen. Painted yellow ceilings can work, too, but the look is not for everyone.

Bee Motifs In The Kitchen.

Yellow kitchen backsplash

Yellow black kitchen

Yellow and black will make a strident look but it won’t suit all types of kitchen. If yours is small, then a better route to opt for is a repeated bee motif. Yellow and black splash back tiles look good, but split up the look with tiles that have bee motifs on them, too. Black and white floor tiling is classic combination that can be given a twist if you opt for zesty lemon walls with plain cabinets, too.

Honey Combed Bathroom Suites.

Yellow bathtub design

Yellow bathroom tiles

Nothing says ‘bee’ more than tessellating hexagons which afford a honey combed appearance. Black hexagonal tiles with yellow grout work excellently in a rest room. Set the look off with coordinating towels. Alternatively, opt for yellow six-sided tiles and use them from several differently shaded batches to get an inconsistent, natural look. Dark honeycombed tiles can look great around a bath. And who says your bath tub can’t be a banana yellow color to coordinate with them?

Bumble Bee Floor Treatments.

Yellow floor stripes

Yellow carpet

Dark carpet living

Use bold yellow stripes in an eco-friendly floor covering such as marmoleum to break up its dark look whilst maintaining a high level of durability, making it ideal for a kitchen area. For a contemporary living room, utilise a bold yellow rug to compliment your black leather sofa. Bring the two together with some well chosen cushion covers. Alternatively, try a white and black carpet, with a honey comb design, and set it off against bold yellows in your throws and pillows.

Black And Gold.

Gold accents

Gold accents bedroom

Yellow and black, though very different tones, work well together. For a touch of luxury you can achieve similar results with gold instead of yellow. For instance, try golden drapes to create a glamorous contrast against dark framed leaded windows.And for a chic bedroom look, golden lamps and pillow covers will look opulent set against black linen and walls.

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