Beautiful Bedside Table Alternatives

The bedside table or nightstand is a useful addition to any bedroom, providing the ideal placement for things like the phone, alarm clock, a glass of water, a book, etc. But it doesn’t actually have to be a table as long as it fulfills its function. Here are a few interesting alternatives you can opt for.

Tree stump standView in gallery

A tree stump used as a bedside table ads warmth to the room thanks to the material’s natural characteristics and texture.

Old stoolView in gallery

A rustic stool repurposed as a bedside table can basically have the same effect. This is also a rgeat way to recycle and reuse pieces of furniture you no longer need or to move them around the house for diversity.

Wooden baskets nightstandsView in gallery

Two wooden baskets placed one on top of the other provide you with lots of storage space and you can use the top as a place to rest your favorite books for example.

Step it up nightstandView in gallery

You can also use a double ladder on the same principle. You can add some wood planks to make shelves and place a flexible lamp on top.

Ladder night stand lampView in gallery

You can attach the lamp to any of the ladder’s steps so it sits at the right height and angle.

Belt newspapers magazinesView in gallery

Don’t throw away your magazines or newspapers. Gather them in a stack, tie a belt around them and you’ll have a unique nightstand for your bedroom.

Floating sliced woodView in gallery

With this design you can control and adjust the height at which the bedside “table” is placed. You hang it from the ceiling and use a reclaimed wood for the base.

Small ladder night standView in gallery

It’s a little difficult to figure out what this really is but, as a bedside table replacement, I’d say it does its job pretty well.

Baskets turned into nightstandsView in gallery

Change the way you think about woven baskets because there’s more than one way in which can be used. For example, you can mount one on the wall and use it as a bedside table or a place to store your book, glasses and everything else.

Turn an old chair into a nightstandView in gallery

A simple, regular chair also makes for a great bedside table. And because it’s an actual piece of furniture, it integrates more easily into the décor.

Wood headboard bedsideView in gallery

Modern designs actually make the nightstand part of the headboard. It can be a simple shelf or it can also include a drawer.

Bedside table like a houseView in gallery

Make the bedroom feel like home with a bedside table that’s actually shaped like a house. It’s cute and not difficult to design or build.

Rope hanging bedsideView in gallery

Have you ever considered a swing instead of a nightstand or bedside table? It sounds weird but it works.

Shared room same bedside tableView in gallery

Two beds placed parallel to each other can share the bedside table which can be a simple wall-mounted shelf. Two flexible lamps attached at the ends and plenty of space for everything else.

Dog bedside tableView in gallery

If you have a pet, then the nightstand can also include a comfy bed for your little cat or dog. The pet dog can be an extension or built into the nightstand.

Bedside Table AlternativesView in gallery

Stack your old suitcases and make a lovely tower. Place it close to the bed and you can use it as a bedside table. An ingenious idea with vintage charm.

Bedside Table Alternatives2View in gallery

A stack of books can also work. Plus, this way you can get all your favorite books in one stack and just pick one to read before you fall asleep every night.

Bedside Table Alternatives3View in gallery

You can also use an old trunk. However, keep the really big ones for the foot of the bed. Here, you’ll want a small one, about the size of a nightstand.